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Anal fissure symptom checker. Anal fissures are small tears in the thin tissue mucosa that lines the anus. The anus is the opening at the end of your gastrointestinal tract. These tears can be painful and make you bleed. Sometimes, fissures rip slowly over time. Other times, they happen all of a sudden, from having to push a large stool or from childbirth. Anal fissures cause pain, bleeding when passing stools, and spasms of the muscle in the anus.

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Reviewed By. Pankaj Sareen. Table of Contents. Can stress cause anal fissure?

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People often wonder whether stress is one of the causes of anal fissure. And there is a relation between mental stress and development of anal fissure. Stress has a significant impact on the bowel movements due to release of stress hormone and make the individual prone to diarrhea and constipation.

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Besides that, a person dealing with stress will be less inclined to follow a healthy diet, drink enough water, or engage in physical activities. Due to this, the individual often suffer from constipation and fissure may develop. Hence, it can be said that stress causes anal fissure. When do you need to see a doctor?

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should see a doctor and consult them properly: Pain during and after bowel movements also last for hours Blood in stools, tissue paper, or wipes Visible crack or tear in the anal lining Itching, irritation, and burning sensation in the anal region Discomfort during urination in some cases Anal fissure may heal quickly without intervention.

Sitz Bath for minutes Over-the-counter ointments for fissure Botox injection to paralyze the anal muscle and relax spasm When the home remedies and non-surgical methods fail to treat fissures, the patient will have to rely on surgical treatment methods. Surgical treatment Laser surgery for anal fissure is the best treatment.

What’s the difference between haemorrhoids and anal fissures?

The benefits of laser surgery are: It is a non-invasive procedure - no cuts, no stitches and minimum blood loss Daycare procedure: patient can go home the same day after the surgery Short process: takes minutes Quick recovery: takes only days Negligible chances of recurrence Minimal post-surgery complications Quick return to normal routine With the help of laser surgery, you can get rid of anal fissure permanently, required that you follow the post-surgery care tips given by the healthcare provider.

Also read : Treatment Stages to cure Anal Fissure Also read : Fistula Treatment in Patanjali. FAQ Can noodles cause anal fissure? Can anal fissure cause fecal incontinence? Can anal fissures come back? Can alcohol aggravate anal fissure?

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Patient Success Stories. Skin Tear and Lump around the Anal Region Burning or Itching in the Anal Area Sharp Pain During Bowel Movement Blood in Stool. please enter 10 digit number. Select City Delhi NCR Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai Kolkata Mumbai Pune Bhopal Bhubaneswar Chandigarh Indore Lucknow Nagpur Patna Agra Jaipur Ludhiana Kanpur Gwalior Other. There's major variation in 'normal' frequency of bowel-opening between different people.

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For some, times a day is standard and going three days without a bowel movement would be very unusual. For others, going more often than every days would be equally odd.

Lots of factors can cause constipation, but among the most common are not eating enough fibre roughage and not drinking enough fluids.

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If you're generally unwell, particularly with a feverish illness, you'll be losing more fluid than usual - due to sweating from your high temperature fever - and often eating less.

Some medications - particularly strong painkillers - can also make you constipated. So can medical conditions such as an underactive thyroid gland. Sometimes an anal fissure occurs if you have bad diarrhoea. Anal fissures are also more common during pregnancy and childbirth.

  Anal fissures can tear for many different reasons. Usually it's from physical damage to the anus, most often from constipation (particularly long standing constipation). Other causes can include chronic diarrhea, trauma (such as receptive anal sex), or Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins   While the exact etiology is often unknown, passage of hard stools and anal trauma are often associated with anal fissures. Other causes of anal fissures can   An anal fissure most often occurs when passing large or hard stools. Chronic constipation or frequent diarrhea can also tear the skin around your

An anal fissure occurs in about 1 in 10 women during childbirth. In a small number of cases, a fissure occurs as part of another condition. For example, as a complication of Crohn's diseaseulcerative colitis or a sexually transmitted infection such as anal herpes infection.

In these situations you will also have other symptoms and problems that are caused by the underlying condition.

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These types of fissures are not dealt with further in this leaflet. For most people the tear fissure heals within a week or so, just like any other small cut or tear to the skin.

See separate leaflets called Constipation in AdultsConstipation in Children and Fibre and Fibre Supplements for more details. The above measures apply to children who have a fissure as much as to adults. In children, the pain often makes them hold on to their stools. This may lead to a vicious circle, as then even larger and harder stools form.

These then cause more pain when they are finally passed. Therefore, in addition to the above measures, a short course of laxatives may be prescribed for children with an anal fissure.

The aim is to make sure their stools are soft and loose whilst the fissure heals. An anal tear fissure will usually heal within weeks in most people. However, it can take longer to heal in others. Glyceryl trinitrate ointment If you apply glyceryl trinitrate GTN ointment to the anus, it relaxes the muscle around the anus the anal sphincter.

It also increases the blood supply to the damaged skin by dilating the blood vessels in that area. This may allow the fissure to heal better. It may also ease the pain.

GTN ointment may help in some, but not all, cases. Research studies showed that, for people with a chronic anal fissure, about 6 in 10 fissures healed with GTN treatment.

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This compared to about 5 in 10 that healed with no treatment. So, the effect of GTN ointment is modest but may well be worth a try. Other medicines Some studies have shown that other medicines may also help to relax the anal sphincter muscle and increase the blood supply to the area, so helping healing of an anal fissure. For example, medicines called calcium-channel blockerssuch as diltiazem.

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These medicines may sometimes be suggested for people unable to use GTN ointment. An injection of botulinum toxin into the anal sphincter muscle has also been shown to relax the anal sphincter muscle and so help anal fissures to heal.

This treatment may be suggested if other treatments have not been successful.

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If the pain is severe, your doctor can prescribe topical numbing medications that you apply to your skin. Other topical medications used for fissures include externally applied nitroglycerin, which increase blood flow to the fissure to help it heal.

For cases of chronic anal fissures that do not heal on their own, your doctor may recommend surgery. This is rare. Prior to surgery, your doctor might also want to use a scope to take a closer look at the anal tissue to help diagnose the cause of the fissure.

If your doctor suspects anal cancer, they will take a biopsy. If surgery is suggested, the surgeon will cut a portion of the anal muscle to relax it lateral internal sphincterotomy. This will reduce pain and help healing. In severe cases, blood pressure medications can also be used to provide blood flow that can help with healing. Both anal fissures and hemorrhoids cause pain and bleeding. But there is a big difference. An anal fissure is a tear of tissue.

Cause of anal fissure

Hemorrhoids are a group of swollen veins inside the anal canal or at the anal opening. Hemorrhoids tend to be painful or bleed, but not both. Fissures, on the other hand, tend to bleed and be painful. A doctor can see and feel the difference during a rectal exam.

  Why Do People Get Anal Fissures? They're caused by trauma or injury that stretches your anal canal. Reasons for this can include: Constipation or   Ulcers are formed after rupture. Small superficial thrombosis may cause anal fissure due to thrombophlebitis caused by infection. 1 The theory of crypt gland infection: Rankin et al. 4 proposed in that anal crypt infection can cause anal Shaoming Chen, Qinghuan Yu   Anal fissures are most often caused by damage to the back passage (anus). Stretching and tearing can occur when a person passes particularly hard stools. In most people, this skin damage will heal quickly without any problems. However, some people seem to have a higher than normal tone (pressure) of the muscle around the anus (the anal sphincter).Author: Dr Colin Tidy

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Care Navigation. Sections Icon. What is an anal fissure? How do I know if I have a hemorrhoid or a fissure?

Buoy Chat Icon. Symptom Checker. Verified By Experts Icon. Verified by experts 5 min read. No Ads. If you notice blood when you poop, you may have an anal fissure.

  Diarrhea - repeated diarrhea can cause an anal fissure to develop. Muscle spasms - experts believe that anal sphincter muscle spasms may increase the   What are the causes of Anal fissure? Anal fissure can develop when the blood flow in the anal region reduces and the mucous lining surrounding the anus becomes dry. The main causes of anal fissure include: Constipation-During constipation, the feces become large and hard that can traumatize the anal canal during bowel movements, resulting in fissureEstimated Reading Time: 5 mins

Sourav Bose, MD. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Shria Kumar, MD. Last ated January 28, Heart Icon.

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