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RELATED: Does Masturbating Boost Your Immune System? We Asked a Doctor. The video has since been taken down, but not before it snagged nine million views.

It was so popular that Ikea actually issued a statement over the whole thing. This is hardly the first time a woman has been caught pleasuring herself in public. Women have been busted by police for masturbating on a busy streeta college libraryand even inside Starbucks. And there are plenty of stories of men doing similar acts.

Public masturbation is at least a misdemeanor, depending on what city or state it happens in, and the masturbator risks getting a citation or being arrested. In fact, masturbation is actually good for you -it relieves stress, helps you sleep better, boosts body confidence, and might even ease period cramps.

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But why, then, do some people masturbate in public? Psychologists and sex therapists we spoke to say plenty of different reasons can explain this. RELATED: I Didn't Start Masturbating Until I Turned and It Completely Changed My Life.

That includes solo sex, licensed clinical psychologist and sex therapist David Ley PhD, tells Health.

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Sexual behavior related to paraphilia can involve masturbation. Another study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine asked 1, men and women about their sexual preferences, also finding that the fantasy of having sex in public is common. But fantasizing about doing a sexual act in public and actually doing it are two completely different things. Federal Marshalls aren't exactly out on patrol.

They're protecting courts, witnesses, or involved in federal cases only. What is the point? So we can watch this guy get shot? Cops need to be held accountable for their actions, but they also use lethal force sometimes because they have to. As mentioned in the article, there were many witnesses to the event, enough to clear or condemn the shooter, without the public gawkers who just want the video released so they can watch it themselves.

I guess I just don't really see what is to be gained by the public release of the video.

When fractions of a second may count between a witness getting hospitalized or worse because some big ass mother fucker is charging him, then motherfucker- insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous dickhead, mother fucker, prick, asshole, bastard, son of a bitch, whoreson, cocksucker, SOB, shit dirty word, vulgarism, obscenity, smut, filth- an offensive or indecent word or phrase In the comic for Kick-Ass 2, a teen girl named Katie is the title character's crush. So, to get at Kick-Ass, his nemesis The Mother Fucker (formerly The Red Mist) decides he

Assurance that the system worked as intended for a changeand didn't just let the cop off as usual. C'mon, I'm well aware that police get away with far, far more than is acceptable for a civilized society, but there's a hell of a difference between shooting someone for presenting a clear danger in a room full of witnesses and cameras and shooting someone in the street at night when nobody else can argue with your claim that they rushed you. Exactly why they should release the video.

If the trial is ongoing, then wait for it to end. nah That's the thing.

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If this was REALLY about protecting the identity of the jurors, they'd just blur the jurors' faces and release the video. Nobody gives a rip who the jurors are. That's not why we want the video. We want to see what the criminal defendant was doing when the US marshal killed him, to see whether the killing was justified or not.

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It's not about protecting the jurors, think about it - what did they do? Listen to some testimony, but he was killed before they could even consider rendering a verdict. And who gives a rip about the court stenographer, they just sit there and type away.

Honestly, if he up and charged the stand, I'm not surprised he shot the alleged perp. He could have been going after the witness, the judge, the baliff, a juror, anyone. If he wants to act like a fool, well, Darwin has a way of educating idiots.

Your reasoning is sound if you live in a world where gang members are well known as lone criminals and there aren't long lists of cases where remaining gang members retaliate against those who helped incarcerate or kill one of their own.

Why turn Angilau into a pepper pot, surely a single bullet would have sufficed to incapacitate him? This is the same point that we've discussed when talking about body cameras for officers.

Who gets access to the video? If the video is only accessible to the officer and his defense, it fails as a means of preventing abuses. It doesn't need to go up on YouTube, but it does need to be available to the lawyer who would be alleging unnecessary use of force. It's fine if they want to establish a process for that maybe he has to file some kind of preliminary paperwork but it has to be available.

Otherwise, frankly, it reads as a cover-up and protecting the officer marshal in this case.

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A gangbanger got killed attacking a witness during his trial. Why are we even questioning it?

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The marshall just saved the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. A rabid dog was destroyed. Sometimes it just needs to happen. So we have an unarmed every courthouse I have entered has scanned for weapons individual in a courtroom with more than a few able-bodied people, including the Marshall, able to physically restrain the person - I'm not seeing a clear danger here.

I don't see how the appropriate response was to shoot the man 4 times. But perhaps video evidence would reveal that it was necessary - we'll never know because it's been decided to hide it. This could indicate concerns about the safety of jurors, but it could just as easily indicate an attempt to cover up an unjustified use of lethal force, a crime of at least manslaughter to my mind.

Ultimately it brings up an issue of trust, and how the judicial and enforcement branches have steadily eroded the trust of the American citizens that they were meant to serve.

This continues that erosion, adding to the widening gap between the common citizen and their supposed public servants. Being a witness in a gang case is always dicey, because you are subject to reprisal by other gang members. In this case, a witness was physically attached in court by the defendant, an accused gang member. There were many witnesses, including the judge himself, and as far as we know there is no dispute over what actually happened.

Yet, the gang's attorney wants the video released, for what reason?

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So the gang can more easily identify who was there? What exactly is the presumed benefit of releasing the video? To satisfy the morbid desires of the internet?

This article deserves an F. Apart from not identifying Sykes, it does not clarify the need to release the video tape. But worst of all, it implies a completely spurious connection with the Michael Brown case. The two situations have virtually nothing in common, and, not surprisingly, the article doesn't attempt to explain what the common part might be.

This seems nothing but a cheap ploy to whip up a frenzy. In fact, by tying the Michael Brown case to unrelated situations, you take attention away from, and undercut the severity of, the Michael Brown case. fic wrote: There were plenty of witnesses on hand when Angilau was shot, but Sykes told the Tribune that "the video doesn't lie. This line shows up in the article for me, not sure why there is so much confusion.

Quote: But Robert Sykes, the attorney for the dead man's family, said the tape could even benefit law enforcement.

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Why are you claiming that the marshall involved could physically restrain someone built like a linebacker rushing a witness stand? Have you seen pictures of the defendant? Were less lethal options possible? But the absolute top range of a Taser is just over 30 feet or even less depending on the cartridge use so depending on the layout of the courtroom that may have been impossible.

Pepper spray wouldn't work in this situation, nor would a baton if the marshall couldn't get to the defendant in the first place.

Seriously I'm all about police reform and holding officers accountable for their actions, but this seems like such a nonissue and one that was viewed by a multitude of people, the only one who has raised any objections that I've seen is the defendant's lawyer himself.

jimCA wrote: AutisticGramma wrote: Considering police in Utah have several open cases involving police shooting when it was proven there was no clear and present danger to an officers life. Utah police are dealing with a climate of people who are more afraid of them, than this hardened gang member.

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Honestly, I'm one of them. Everything has political impact. There isn't a judge alive in the US today that isn't aware of that. No one like negative national news. Another video of a uniformed police officer shooting an unarmed person, isn't good for police funding, or world opinion. Say rebid for olympics anyone?

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I'm not saying it isn't justified, I'm saying a blatant attempt at quashing a hot button police issue is at hand. That is inappropriate. Face blur tech has been around for decades now.

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Your right, however this event belongs in the national conversation about police reform. Fearknot wrote: There were many witnesses, including the judge himself, and as far as we know there is no dispute over what actually happened. Quote: Sykes said there was eye-witness discrepancies on whether the marshal shot the defendant even after he fell to the ground. If this is court video then it is public record and should be available by FOIA.

Not releasing the video for "security" concerns is a farce here.

I'm not familiar with Utah's recording laws, but I think a courtroom is a public place so people in the recording have no expectation of privacy, but even if that's not the case, blurring out faces would be trivial. vassago wrote: If this is court video then it is public record and should be available by FOIA.

Utah's laws are irrelevant. This was a federal case. Quote: The unidentified marshal shot defendant Saile Angilau four times as Angilau rushed a witness testifying against him during his racketeering jury trial. I don't see how this situation is even remotely related to other cop shootings in the news of late.

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I congratulate that marshal and have no doubt he acted in an entirely non-malevolent manner. Are people trying to say that they no longer trust that US courtrooms aren't stages for executions.?! jimCA wrote: Jamjen wrote: jimCA wrote: Gangs establish their territory through intimidation and violence. edit for typo No evidence says this wasn't justified. I believe this was suicide via police. All it would take is releasing the video - edited to remove innocent faces - to absolve suspicion.

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Since you know police aren't above it. Anyone saying Fed, cop fed cop. Whatever, I'm pretty sure most if not all!?!

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