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The year-old Modern Family actress recently posed nude for Women's Health 's Naked Issue, looking undeniably gorgeous on the September cover. In the accompanying interview, Vergara gets candid about how her body has changed through the years, the work she puts in to maintain her famous physique and why her husband, Joe Manganiello, appreciates her for being herself. Vergara says posing naked for Women's Health was especially important to her because of the message it's sending. PIC: Sofia Vergara Gets a Sweet Kiss From Hubby Joe Manganiello - 'Now My Weekend Is Perfect'. Even if you want to, at this time in your life, you can't be perfect," she explains.

MORE: The Most Flattering Shorts for Women with Big Butts. Your butt eats underwear for breakfast.

There's no delicate way to say it. If you forgo the thong, it's permanent wedgie city.

12 Problems Only Girls With Big Butts Understand. You like your big butt, Still, all of this big booty love can't erase the inevitable problems that come with the perks

Similarly, running shorts are a distant fantasy. Unless you like your shorts riding up higher and higher with each stride. Yay, chafing.

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Finding a cute bikini is impossible. If there isn't a mix-and-match option, forget it.

You have to pick between your butt hanging out or super-frumpy granny bottoms. Guys are always grabbing your butt.

Not that you can complain, but c'mon, your girls need some love, too. MORE: 8 Fascinating Facts About Your Butt. Weight Loss.

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The 16 Best Total-Body Kettlebell Exercises. Towards the end of the video he picks on safer targets, luring young women to kiss him and expose their breasts. Best of shopping Premium Membership.

Naked and Afraid. Amal Alyassiri is a mom of three from Iowa; she is also a Muslim American woman who spent her formative years as an Iraqi refugee before coming to America at age When Naked Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins The controversial year-old, grandson of Russian billionaire Igor Nekludov, is making a series of videos about people's humiliation and what they would be prepared to do for money Historically, Islam is a religion that values sex and sexuality. Sex is not inherently sinful. For practicing Muslims, Islamic law permits sex between a married couple, and sees it as an act of Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

In the know quiz. Breaking News Pacific Asia North America US Politics South America Africa Middle East Europe UK Politics Coronavirus Australia Global Economy Health Closures. I want to look my age, but I want to look great.

Top 5 Big Booty Problems ft. Danielle Carbonari - @itsdanidmc - PAWG/Whooty @DANI DMC

I think if you are obsessed with this 'I want to look younger' thing, you're going to go crazy. What do I do with these? If I grab them, I can't even cover the nipple!

The actress is accepting of her body, including that she'll never have six-pack abs. But she does strive to eat healthy, and works out with a trainer three or four times a week using the Megaformer, an advanced Pilates machine.

I don't have abs because I'm not 'I need to be like a fit model with a perfect body. But if there's one thing she does love, it's looking her best for any occasion.

Big Dick Pussy is a short, voyeuristic look at the street where the filmmaker lived at the time of the filming; the focus is on neighborhood pre-teens and teenagers playing football in the street. Visually, the piece is largely obscured; the viewer is situated as a hidden observer and can see only bits and pieces of what's going on out in the street Sex and intimacy are topics that are difficult for many to talk about, but at Saturday's Being ME (Muslimah Empowered), a conference for Muslim women, they were on centre stage, along with other Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Instagram Censored This Curvy Muslim Woman's Selfie for No Apparent Reason. Miski Muse says curvy Muslim women face this kind of challenge all the time. On Sunday, an Instagram user named Muse Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Vergara admits she almost always wears lipstick, even if she's at home by herself. For good or worse, it's the way I grew up: Accept yourself but also be better than yourself.

The year-old actress made a 'Big Bang' on the app on Wednesday "Here's a woman, 45, being able to show her body," she points out. "It's not like before, when it was just young girls who would make the cover of a magazine." A MUSLIM teenager who was filmed twerking while wearing a hijab has been targeted by vile trolls who said she is a "stupid b****" who "needs to be killed"

PIC: Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Film Together for the First Time - See Their Sweet On-Set Chemistry.

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