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This rather shocking photo was snapped in November 16th by a spectator at the collegiate power lifting championships at Pennsylvania State. He remained in this position for about half an hour, since trying to stand caused him overwhelming agonizing pain. Paramedics arrived and applied anaesthesia on the spot and carried him to an ambulance. The third spotter who was standing behind the lifter was unfortunately sprayed with fecal matter at the time of the incident. This spotter promptly fainted when he realized the extent of the injury to the lifter, who was a personal friend. This compounded the task of first aid officers who were at a loss as to how to treat the injury to the lifter in any case, who remained in the squatting position moaning in pain much to the consternation of the helpless audience. To add insult to injury, the ex-lifter required rectal stitching to partially occlude the anal orifice and stitch the rectal passage which had significantly expanded and torn during the prolapse and also was put on a low fibre low residue diet to combat flatulence to avoid any possibility of a recurrence.

Though the details about how the phone ended up there are a bit fuzzy, the doctors got it out and returned it to the woman, who said she needed to give it back to her man. He estimates that these cases make their way into the emergency room where he works at least once a month.

Unfortunately, one of Gillespie's patients learned this the hard way. Hairspray The nurse says a woman with an aerosol can of hairspray in her vagina once showed up while he was working. A Remote Control Another woman had a TV remote control lodged in her vagina, says Gillespie.


No word on whether she was able to change the channel via kegel. A Vibrator Yikes: When this guy went into surgery, the vibrator was still buzzing away in his anus, says the nurse.

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Paper Towels One woman had a wad of paper towels up inside of her for about two weeks before it was extracted in the emergency room, says the nurse. Weight Loss. United States.

By Samantha Maine. 23rd May Allen used the troll's comments to her advantage and used the photo for album promo. Lily Allen has shared a photo of her vagina on Twitter, after another user Although a prolapsed rectum or bowel is a real medical condition, the text cited here is an obvious attempt at a "gross out" piece involving all the familiar cts of potty humor (e.g Model attempts to put on 25kg to have the world's biggest bum. NATASHA Crown says her butt isn't big enough - and has gone to drastic levels to make sure it takes the crown. Natasha is Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

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The 16 Best Total-Body Kettlebell Exercises. You have been warned.

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In the United States, catching nudity on TV programs is generally reserved for the late night cable and subscription cable varieties.

In Brazil, however, some footage of a model wearing only body paint was shown live on Brazilian TV. That footage included the model, reported to be Ju Isen, turning around and giving us an extremely graphic view of her backside.

Again, there's about to be body paint-covered butthole, so please check out one of our other articles if this is not something you are interested in seeing. Rede TV was looking at footage from Brazilian Carnaval which was running over the weekend in Rio de Janeiro.

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Clothing and costumes can be pretty wild during Carnaval, as is also shown by the partially sheer body suit the TV hostess herself is wearing. Body paint is also common, but it's far less common for someone to simply do a squat and expose their underside. I guess you never realize how exposed you are until you are that exposed.

Carnaval, or Carnival in English, is the most famous holiday in Brazil. It is noted for its intense costumes and festivities, with appropriate dress often including skimpy clothing, along with The human body is a crazy, amazing thing. 2. The Largest Natural Breasts If most bras look like areola holders to you, you'll be happy to know that your boobs are probably pretty petite compared Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Joanna, a notorious anal aficionado, also suggests you try a different hole: "If I was ever asked to get a giant toy all the way in me, I'd definitely use my ass. So, good luck." Get the How

Carnaval, or Carnival in English, is the most famous holiday in Brazil. It is noted for its intense costumes and festivities, with appropriate dress often including skimpy clothing, along with beads, sequins and feathers. At best, it's not exactly family-friendly.

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Body paint is another component of this, but there's a difference between seeing a woman covering her lady parts with paint and the camera getting up close and personal. In the States, that would be more suited to late night HBO than a news type of broadcast focusing on a current event.

However, it's not like news broadcasts in the States are somehow better about avoiding mistakes than Brazilian broadcasts. We've seen local news broadcasts have to deal when someone on the back end accidentally aired a shot of a penis instead of regular broadcast footage. Other snafus have included accidentally airing explicit clips and more.

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