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But the root of the problem is more complex. Alcohol isn't merely a substance that impairs judgment; it also can be a tool for sexual assault, Freyd says.

A few sorority members told me about fraternities that are "known" to slip roofies into drinks, but the women often don't take action because they don't want to rock the boat. When Sara suggested her sorority report an offending fraternity's behavior to the university, her sisters replied, "Our sorority's going to look really lame if we report it, so leave it alone.

Sexual assault is not the sisters' fault; the rapists are to blame and, in some cases, so is the fraternity culture, as exemplified by an e-mail sent last year from a University of Maryland fraternity member who encouraged members to "fuck consent.

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Ultimately, the pressure to drink and to impress the guys wouldn't be so overwhelming if sororities didn't push their women into fraternities to begin with. Sexual violence and related pressures are not problems in every sorority, of course. At a Virginia chapter, a senior told me she knows of no attacks, fraternity parties are open to all sororities, Greeks do not live in houses, and there are no paired social events.

And this year, the NPC convened the Student Safety and Sexual Assault Awareness task force, which hopes to provide sororities with a "tool kit" including resources, a hotline number, and guidelines on campus safety. The task force didn't address the question of why the sexual- assault rate is higher among sorority women. But we didn't study [causes] because it's pretty much out there," says Triplett.

The NPC has a ways to go. A major ct of Greek life on many campuses involves a courting system in which sororities try to persuade their fraternities of choice or vice versa to pair with them for Greek Week or homecoming activities.

As a result, some chapters feel obligated to pander to fraternities to score invitations.

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At a Missouri school, fraternities ask sororities to make videos convincing them to pair, says Morgan, a senior who transferred to a school without Greek life because of sorority pressure. We'd show girls drinking at pool parties in their bikinis.

The sisters portrayed themselves this way because "the fraternities like to pair with sororities with attractive girls who they think they can hook up with easier. So the sorority encouraged us to 'go out and drink and see what happens. Interaction with fraternity brothers is a membership requirement on some campuses. Similarly, many sororities have a points system in which sisters must accumulate a total each semester. Several members told me that attendance at mixers and other fraternity events is an expected way to obtain points, in addition to participating in charity events or earning high grades.

An Indiana chapter doubles the points for party attendance if the sisters are trying to secure their escort fraternity for a major party week. Amy, a senior there, admits to having pressed sisters to attend fraternity parties: "If only 10 of your girls show up, you insult the fraternity, and then why would they ask you back?

Amy is an unexpected person to pressure sisters to go. When she was a freshman, her chapter's upperclassmen pushed new members to attend a mixer hosted by a fraternity reputed to sexually assault women. A fraternity member got Amy's pledge sister drunk and slipped something into her drink, Amy says. Even though the sister was then raped, the sorority continued to pair with the fraternity.

Two years later, Amy says she was assaulted by a different fraternity member, who was subsequently suspended by the university following an investigation. Many of his brothers remain upset with Amy, but she doesn't want her sorority to stop socializing with them. If you're only pairing with five or six fraternities, cutting one out would cut out a lot of your social schedule.

As in other cts of higher education, much of Greek life has zeroed in on rankings. Many sorority sisters can recite which groups are top- middle- or bottom-tier chapters.

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Sites such as greekrank. com and the Yik Yak app contribute to the frenzy. Because sororities' tiers can depend on how much fraternities like them, developing a relationship with a higher-tiered fraternity can improve the sorority's rank.

These types of priorities are causing some sisters to struggle with their membership, says Becky, a junior in a North Carolina sorority.

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It's exhausting, actually. I like my sorority, but I don't like the system.

Many sororities' national offices indirectly encourage this ultimately dangerous emphasis on image because the students believe they are overly focused on recruitment. Members say that the national offices "Nationals" judge chapters by recruitment numbers and can threaten to shut down groups with weak turnout.

While Triplett says few chapters have closed recently because of membership, she explains, "Oftentimes, it comes down to a financial situation. It is a business.

The first top tier Greek celebrity to pose naked for Playboy was late Zoe Laskari back in in a very artistic photo-shoot beside the ancient ruins on the island of Delos Greek mythology was always my favorite thing to learn about in grade school and throughout this year. So many affairs and murders - it's like a big historical soap opera. Though many stories vary, and there is some dispute over certain stories and situations, I tried to stick to one source in order to avoid confusion

Now Nina is one of several advisers for that chapter, which recently reopened. Chapter advisers are unpaid adult volunteers who counsel on issues such as finances, recruitment, and philanthropy. That fear explains why concern over a chapter's reputation can lead sisters to do things they might not otherwise do. Nina's chapter "serenaded" several fraternities this semester, which on that campus means new members danced for and grinded on the brothers.

When my chapter did it, we did the 'Thriller' dance.

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Now everything's sexualized. It's very raunchy and inappropriate," Nina says. But she understands why the girls felt like they had to do it.

If you're out getting drunk every night at the fraternity, they're going to like you.

They want guys to tell people they're fun because they think they'll do better in recruitment. The NPC attributes sisters' emphasis on fraternity interaction to "peer pressure" and "wanting to be accepted, so they'll go along and do whatever," Triplett says.

That says nothing about the guys' personalities.

When I was a [student], at chapter meetings they told us we needed to hang out with the cool fraternities. I said, 'Why would I want to hang out with a fraternity who doesn't treat women right? That's the major reason why many college women defy their better judgment, make excuses for fraternities, and keep returning to the scenes of the crimes.

It's why Emma turned on a sister who might have been raped. The oaths we take aren't being upheld because of the focus on fraternities.

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The NPC "does not endorse tiers," and associating ranking with reputation is "focusing on the wrong thing," Triplett says. If they really think hanging out with a popular fraternity will make their reputation, that won't last. If NPC officers are espousing these messages, there's a disconnect between the adults and the many students they oversee. Even Triplett admits that it can be "challenging" to govern such an enormous membership of more than 4 million"especially when you fight against campus culture.

Many sisters remain in the system regardless of the risks, because, as Amy says about her Indiana chapter, "The alumnae, social networking, and lifelong friendships and memories make it worth it. Sororities have plenty enough going for them that they shouldn't need fraternities to define them. But if Nationals are unwilling to undertake the progressive overhaul necessary to make these groups about women, there's still a way to keep the benefits without eliminating Greek life: Nationals could cede authority to universities-who are accustomed to navigating their own campus culture-and pay them to supervise fraternities and sororities like any other student club.

If Greeks no longer worry that their chapter's existence relies on recruitment numbers, they'll be less concerned about their tier because the stakes won't be as high. Until then, the cycle continues: Some sorority leaders pressure chapters to perform well during recruitment and to interact with fraternities.

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