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A post shared by Jmunz jmunztattoos. There are many sexy placements you could choose for your next piece of body art, but one of the best choices has to be your booty. If you're considering getting a butt tattoo , you've definitely come to the right place. Halsey, Cardi B, and Teyana Taylor are among the many celebrities who've decided to embellish their booties with cheeky designs yes, pun intende and if you're considering doing the same, we have just the list for you. Whether you're thinking of adorning your backside with a tiny and subtle design or making your entire butt a work of art , we've rounded up a ton of inspiration that proves butt tattoos are anything but distasteful. For one, not everyone will get to see it, making the tattoo your delicious little secret. Not to mention, the sex appeal of a tattoo is generally in its placement; the perfect butt tattoo may end up being the best permanent reminder of just how sexy you truly are.

This tattoo artist captioned the photo: "They are driving across country together next week to bring the daughter to college. These two melted my heart! The Instagram user captioned her photo: "My dad and I share one big thing in common. We both suffer from anxiety disorder.

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We go through it together and we know we have each other to rely on. These father-daughter geese are lighthearted and cute.

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And they are twinning with the ankle placement, which is adorable! More from CafeMom: 19 Travel Tattoos That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust. These arrows look great. The matching arm placement works super well visually and it's cool how the daughter has a more feminine design and the dad has a more masculine one.

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This is perfect for biker families. The Harley-Davidson design is complemented with "Father's Angel" and "Daughter's Guardian" for a more personal touch. Too cute! These cute matching hearts are made out of antlers. Definitely good for a daughter who enjoys camping or hunting with her old man. More from CafeMom: 20 Matching Tattoos to Get With Your Sister.

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This outdoor tribute is also good for daddy-daughter duos who like to enjoy the fresh air together. The trees, roots, and mountains are all placed so strategically. Celtic knots are a nice way to celebrate your heritage. And who better to share your pride with than a person who shares your blood line? This aquatic take on a yin-yang sign is really creative.

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The shark, dolphin, and anchor could all have different meanings, or they could just be for families who like to hang out by the ocean. These DNA strands also resemble barbed wire for a more unique approach. The saying "Father like Daughter" and "Daughter like Father" is a very sweet touch.

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Sometimes the simplest tattoos can be the most fun. These cute little ghosts in opposite colors are a great way to match with your dad.

This daughter wrote on Instagram: "Father daughter tattoos! So glad to have my dad back in my life!

These adorable little bees are another simple idea. Making one larger than the other has so much effect when holding them next to each other. The infinity signs incorporate the word "dad" and the daughter's name to personalize it. The anchor also adds a nice touch. Very sweet and sentimental.

These yin and yang koi fish tattoos look so cool side-by-side. This is definitely a great idea for a father-daughter tattoo.

9 Rita Ora. Instagram. Rita has a gorgeous boob tattoo, featuring a recreation of a painting by Alberto Vargas. 10 Kehlani. Scott DudelsonGetty Images. Singer Kehlani has multiple tattoos across Occupation: Associate Entertainment Editor Best Nude/Toppless scene of 1. Sydney Sweeney. Sydney Sweeney (born September 12, ) is an American actress best known for her roles as Haley Caren on In the Vault and Emaline Addario on the Netflix series Everything Sucks! A NAKED Attraction contestant's VERY rude tattoo has shocked fans who thought they'd seen it all on the racy dating show. Mum Helen, from Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

These sunflower tattoos look amazing on their shoulders! And the "You Are My Sunshine" lyrics make it even more special. The blue and purple colors of these arrows are so pretty. It really brings these two father-daughter tattoos together. A sun and a moon are always perfect for complementary tattoos.

Tattoo Artists Are Revealing What It's Like To Tattoo Someone's Private Parts, "I focus on doing the best job possible and I keep an open mind so it doesn't get awkward Butterfly tattoos are one of the best choices for memorial. You can add a meaningful quote like this in your tattoo design. Here is a traditional mom tattoo design where the artist also added an anchor to denote that in a storm of problems only the love of a mother can keep you together and focused. 13 50 Father-Daughter Tattoos Every Daddy's Girl Needs to Get With Her Old Man. The bond between a father and his daughter can be shaped in many different ways. No matter if he is a silent protector, someone to joke around with, or the person a girl tells everything to, a dad holds a special place in his daughter's life

These ones have a similar floral detail inside that really makes them cohesive. Any father and daughter who love hunting would enjoy this tattoo design.

It incorporates a fishhook and an antler into an infinity sign. These thumbprints are an adorable way to personalize a father-daughter tattoo. There use of the two colors is also really cool. This play on the phrase "See you later alligator, after a while crocodile" is so cute!

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Flowers mixed with geometric shapes is a really nice design. These matching father-daughter tattoos are clean and look really great side-by-side. This father and daughter share a love of Nancy Drew.

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So, that's what they chose for some matching ink! When a father and daughter share a hobby, it calls for an epic tattoo idea.

These matching cameras are awesome! A love of the beach makes good tattoo inspiration. This dad and daughter got a simple wave symbol.

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Dad and daughters who geek out over Star Trek together would love a tattoo like this one! It turned out incredible! This is the symbol for hakuna matata.

This father-daughter tattoo reassures them both that there are "no worries" when they're together.

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There are a lot of different tattoo designs that involve sugar skulls. This father-daughter one is edgy and really unique. This tattoo is of the Death Star and Millennium Falcon fused together. Perfect for any father and daughter who bond over a love of Star Wars! If a father and daughter have a lot of pride in where they come from, then why not get it tatted? This Canadian symbol tattoo is a cool representation of their family. Paris has several chest tattoos including her iconic chakras tatts that go down the center of her abdomen.

She also has I Liked It Better When You Had No Heartthe name of Butch Walker's album, on her left side.

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Ruby's crown tattoo might look familiar. That's because it's Jean-Michel Basquiat's iconic crown which many artists and celebs have used before. Halsey's "serendipity" tattoo is featured on her left side, which she says she got with her mom, according to iHeartRadio. Leah has several tattoos including 3 under her boobs. The first one is on her right side and is in her usual green ink and features a cross and the words, "my angel now," which is said to be in honor of her grandfather.

She also has "I love you more" in green and "if you say so" in black, which were apparently the final words said between her and Cory Monteith. One of Ari's oldest tattoos is on her left side and features the word, "bellissima," meaning "gorgeous" in Italian. Ari previously said that her grandfather used to call her that when she was younger. Lucy has a ton of tattoos and one of them includes "courage, dear heart," which is on her left side.

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The quote comes from the book T he Voyage of the Dawn Treader from The Chronicles of Narnia series. Subscribe Sign In My Account Sign Out. Type keyword s to search.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. View this post on Instagram. Raymond Hall Getty Images. Keke has the Bible quote, "Don't cast thy pearls before swine" under her left boob.

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Rita has a gorgeous boob tattoo, featuring a recreation of a painting by Alberto Vargas. Scott Dudelson Getty Images. Karwai Tang Getty Images. Jon Kopaloff Getty Images. Steve Granitz Getty Images.

Phillip Faraone Getty Images. AFP Contributor Getty Images. Cara has TWO underboob tattoos that come together to say, "don't worry, be happy. John Shearer Getty Images.

Or, at least, that's what some people are saying after meeting this woman at the 17th annual South Florida Tattoo Expo, which was held at the Marriott Hotel, Golf Club & Convention Center in Coral Springs, Fla., last weekend 43 Sexy Butt Tattoos That Will Have You Feeling Positively Peachy. There are many sexy placements you could choose for your next piece of body art, but one of the best choices has to be your booty Home Country: Los Angeles Trisha Showing Tattoo on her Private Parts - Filmy Focus. Filmy Focus. Trending tattoos for women Full Body Tattoos and on Different Parts. Tattoo. Funny jokes The Funniest Jokes To Tell People funny humor jokes Afganvideolar

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