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The PC gaming landscape has shifted in recent years, both in terms of technological advancements in graphics cards and gaming monitors and in the makeup of IGN's PC gaming staff and contributors. As a result, outside of some real stalwarts, our list of the platform's best games is substantially different compared to years past. No, this is a list of 25 games that we, the IGN editors and contributors, collectively recommend the most, based on our own tastes, and all from within the past 10 years. One of the best PS4 games finally made its way to PC this summer, Horizon Zero Dawn and its icy expansion The Frozen Wilds provide dozens of hours of action and exploration making it one of the best single-player PC games. Boasting a satisfying crafting and RPG-inspired progression system, its massive post-post-apocalyptic world is full to bursting, with plenty of "ancient" secrets to uncover and monstrous machines to hunt or hone your combat skills against, all wrapped up in a compelling story that not only sets the stage for the upcoming sequel, Forbidden West , but provides an intriguing new take on life after the collapse of modern society.

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Sexual ContentNudityPuzzleAnime. RPGFree to PlayMMORPGOpen World.

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A Lose Hero in the Castle of the Succubi. Dating SimVisual NovelFree to PlayCasual. SimulationManagementAnimeSexual Content.

The Marauder Chronicles: Curse Over Valdria. AdventureSexual ContentNudityVisual Novel.

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RPGFemale ProtagonistCuteAnime. Sexual ContentNudityHentaiVisual Novel.

Aside from Steam, Nutaku is the other biggest porn gaming hub. It's a site exclusively for adult games and best known for hentai-style free-to-play browser games. Both platforms are dominated by Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Sex can be funny, and Radiator 2 understands that like few other games do. If you like this you might also like: The Tearoom, another of Yang's games, Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

IndieRPGAdventureSexual Content. No results found. Showing 1 - 15 of 95 results. Browse All New Releases. Life SimCharacter CustomizationSimulationBuilding.

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RPGStrategyTurn-Based CombatPost-apocalyptic. MusicRhythmAnimeCute. Survival HorrorHorrorFirst-PersonSingleplayer. CasualActionIndieMusic.

Oct 18, "Adult Only Game / Visual Novel / Yuri & GL / Uncensored (both full nudity and sexual situations included)" $ The diary of the cheating young married woman, Yuka. Informational. Oct 6, "Adult Only Game / RPG / Censorship (mosaic over genitals)" One of the best PS4 games finally made its way to PC this summer, Horizon Zero Dawn and its icy expansion The Frozen Wilds provide dozens of Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Sexual Content products on Steam New and Trending Top Sellers What's Popular Top Rated Upcoming Results exclude some Casual, RPG, Board Game, Sexual Content. Free. SCP: Recontainment. Free to

AnimeFree to PlayRPGAction. RPGStory RichChoices MatterSci-fi. ActionOpen Worl CrimeStory Rich. Open Worl RPGSingleplayerAssassin.

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Sexual ContentMatureFree to PlayHentai. Free to PlayStrategyRPGCard Game.

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IndieAdventureTime TravelSingleplayer. Showing 1 - 15 of 3, results. Browse All Top Sellers. Sexual ContentHentaiNudityMature.

Free to Play. Sexual ContentFree to PlayNudityAnime.

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Sexual ContentFree to PlayNudityMature. Showing 1 - 15 of results. Browse All Time Most Popular. Sexual ContentNudityMatureNSFW.

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AnimeSexual ContentCuteNudity. This bigger, deeper sequel adds not just complexity in the form of new and more powerful soldier classes, equipment, and aliens, but also a huge focus on replayability.

Procedurally generated maps keep you from falling into a repeatable pattern in tactical missions, frequent random events on the strategic map shake up your build and research orders, and of course mods galore.

Firaxis revealed its next game, Marvel's Midnight Sunsduring Gamescom's Opening Night Live. Shortly after the announcement, Firaxis showed gave us our first look at Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay.

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Plus with the new Cayo Perico ate adding a new solo heist and island to the map, not the mention the game coming to PS5 and Xbox Series Xthere's no sign of GTA V going to pasture anytime soon. A Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy is reportedly in development at Rockstar.

The rumored collection would include ated versions of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. It masterfully mixes pieces of classic cRPGs with more modern mechanics and designs, feeling old and new at the same time. The sequel has improved upon its predecessor's already incredible combat by deepening its systems while simultaneously simplifying and smoothing out its clunkier bits - not to mention it introduced some brutally smart new AI.

There's also an overwhelming amount of game here to play. With six different origin characters, custom tags to make your own, and over 74, lines of fully voiced dialogue, this massive RPG has more than enough to keep you coming back to it.

In a roguelike, variety is king: Slay The Spire 's constantly changing decks of ability cards, powerful relics, and the three drastically different playable characters keeps these turn-based battles fresh and engaging for far longer than they have any right to.

Watching your character's attacks, defenses, skills, and powers evolve across its three chapters is a journey, and throwing your hand in at the end of a run knowing you may never see its like again can be like saying goodbye to a friend you were only just getting to know.

Of course, the possibility of getting an even better combination the next time through makes it tough to resist hitting the New Game button, and the randomized Daily Climb runs give even veterans a new and interesting way to play every day.

Just as the first Half-Life proved you could tell a story in a first-person game without taking control of the camera away, and Half-Life 2 pioneered physics-based puzzles and combat, Half-Life: Alyx has set a new standard for polish in virtual reality shooters and is a truly unique experience for VR headset owners.

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Its full-length campaign pulls out all the stops for an amazing and horrifying battle against alien soldiers, zombies, headcrabs, and three-dimensional puzzles, and it even turns the simple act of reloading your weapon into a desperate life-or-death struggle. It caps it all off with a fantastic ending that made the wait almost feel worth it. On the hardware front, Valve's handheld PC gaming device Steam Deck will begin shipping in December.

According to the company, Steam Deck development is in its "final stages. Deep, lengthy RPGs are a staple of PC gaming, and very few have put a larger chunk of sophisticated content forward than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has.

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A "visually and technically enhanced" version of The Witcher 3 is coming to PC later this year and will include new content inspired by Netflix's The Witcher series. A Witcher anime series, meanwhile, was recently released on Netflix.

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IGN's The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf review said it "spends too much time building up the Netflix show and not enough telling its own story. Portal 2 claims the top spot because, in the past decade, nothing else has struck so many chords so perfectly.

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No game accomplishes so much so well. Its impeccable level design, charming personality, and exceptional and varied puzzle systems make us feel smarter just for getting through it.

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Plus, its co-op campaign requires a different sort of smarts that remains one of the best multiplayer experiences with pals around.

Valve is a developer that, presumably because of the time it takes to make its incredible games, creates a feeling of timelessness in its design. Portal 2 - which iterated on and added to the brilliant puzzle design and world-building of its predecessor - feels just as clever and unique as it did in October is busy month for new PC games, and the fun begins on October 5 with the aforementioned Alana Wake Remastered and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

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Also being released that day is the interstellar action-adventure game Jett: The Far Shore. On October 7, Ubisoft will release the highly anticipated Far Cry 6which will be followed by the Left 4 Dead-like co-op shooter Back 4 Blood on October Moving into the back half of the month, PC owners can look forward to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxythe highly stylized Solar Ashand Darkest Dungeon 2 Early Access - all of which will be released on October The Age of Empires series will also make its long-awaited return later this month with the release of Age of Empires 4 on October Those are our picks for the 25 best modern PC games!

Let us know in the comments what's on your list that didn't make ours, and be sure to check out our other best games lists - we ate them whenever new, great games are made:. Half-Life: Alyx. The 25 Best PC Games to Play Right Now. IGN's picks for the 25 best modern PC games to play right now.

By IGN Staff ated: 1 Oct pm. You Might Also Like: Top Video Games Best Reviewed Games of Best Gifts for PC Gamers The Best Modern PC Games Summer ate.

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Have you played Half-Life: Alyx? YES NO. Was this article informative?

If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, learn more. In This Article. Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is the story of an impossible fight against a vicious alien race known as the Combine. Release Date. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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