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I think he came over to fix something and I didn't know and I was walking to the dryer to get a towel becuase I was going to take a shower. I was like OMG and covered myself he closed his eyes and was like I'm sorry and walked away. Nope it's not normal but tha's how u grow up u got used to it so it may be fine with u. It's not normal after puberty to be in the same room as your sister and seeing them that way, I guess you just got used to it but it's definitely not the norm unless you are in a third world country living in one room. You were brought up that way but other families get weirded out by it so as long as you don't act weird around your sister then I guess it works for you two.

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I have seen my sister many times naked at the shower and we are comfortable for instance we share one room and she can be undressed in front of me and me too 0 0.

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2 days ago  Have you ever seen or been caught your opposite gender family naked? If yes how? when you see it do you care family nudity? I have seen my sister many times naked at the shower and we are comfortable for instance we share one room and she can be   Best Celebrity Butts of All Time. Bottoms up! Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj know how to sizzle in front of the camera - but it's all about what they have behind!   These are the most naked of naked moments to ever hit the Geordie Shore house. 1. When Charlotte had to leg it across a pub car park with no clothes on. 2. When Nathan did the world's least subtle Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Have you ever seen or been caught your opposite gender family naked? If yes how? Add Opinion. Yes, I have a bad habit of forgetting to close the door when I change or when I'm taking a shower.

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I don't really care if it's my siblings or parents but we are all respectful and try to be private. He's a couple years older than me but he lives in a separate house. Show All Show Less. Well my brother respects me and knows I'm older and he shouldn't see me. have you ever seen her naked?

  Naked dresses are perhaps the most impressive of all red carpet feats. While they may not always make the best-dressed list, they do require a certain breed of celebrity to pull off   89 Best Never Have I Ever Questions. 1. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping. 2. Never have I ever gone on a blind date. 3. Never have I ever creeped an ex on social media. 4. Never have I ever   The iPhone app that lets you see your friends naked. Nude It, approved by Apple Tuesday, is an augmented reality app that uses scanning technology to

My sisters? I've never seen my brother naked. My grand parents and My brother has seen me naked many times Yesterday my towel fell down in front of them and my brother's friend Its quirky humor garnered it very favorable reviews, and it's unique for receiving criticism from both pro-life and pro-choice activists.

The film's closing sequence has also got to be one of the sweetest scenes in teen movie history. Anne Hathaway's breakthrough role as an ordinary San Francisco teen who suddenly finds out she's heir to the throne of a fictional European country called Genovia speaks to the secret teenage need to feel like you're special in a way that no one else recognizes.

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It's also a really charming film that inspires young women to break the mold and march to the beat of their own drums. This black comedy is about two popular teenage girls who accidentally murder the leader of their clique with a jawbreaker.

It's no Heathersbut it's nonetheless notable for capturing the dangerous, sickly sweetness of young women coming into their own sexuality. This supernatural horror film is absolutely ridiculous in every way imaginable, not least of all because of its terrible special effects.

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But the movie, which is about a group of outcast teenage girls whose dabbling in witchcraft really goes awry, gained a cult following because it really exudes the goth culture of its time period.

It's been pegged as a romantic comedy, but this twist on the movie Big really spoke to teenagers wishing that they, like Jennifer Garner's lead heroine, could just skip adolescence and go straight into adulthood.

Based on the eponymous Nicholas Sparks novel, the romantic drama is about two teens who fall in love in spite of the fact that Jaimie Mandy Moore is sweet and shy and Landon Shane West is rebellious and popular.

  Maybe you were inspired by American Pie, so one night you ventured off during a friend's party and had sex with their mom while your friend unknowingly stayed downstairs. Or maybe you were the   The 10 best Playboy pin-ups ever. Our favourites from the magazine's archive. By DANIEL CUTTS; PLAYBOY announced it will axe naked pictures of women from its magazine after 62 years in

It's one of those films that really gets to you even though you recognize that it's hopelessly cheesy and that the religious undertones are a bit heavy-handed. Nick O'Leary Michael Cera is still heartbroken over the departure of his ex-girlfriend, but everything changes when he meets a girl named Norah Kat Dennings who shares his unique taste in music.

The film garnered largely positive reviews, because it's just too sweet.

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A prequel to the next film on this list, this film is set during the Cuban Revolution, and is about the forbidden romance that develops between a rich American teen Romola Garai and a Cuban busboy Diego Luna. The film got negative reviews, but the dancing in it is incredible, which makes it the ultimate guilty pleasure.

This indie about the romance between a year-old rich girl dubbed "Baby" Jennifer Grey and a wrong-side-of-the-tracks dancer named Johnny Patrick Swayze was a surprise box office hit and continues to be immensely popular.

The chemistry between its leads is undeniable, and while it deals with some serious themes like illegal abortion, it's almost physically impossible not to roll over with laughter at the closing dance sequence. Based on the eponymous Jeffrey Eugenides bestseller, the Sofia Coppola film is a cautionary tale for restrictive parenting, as it follows five sisters who live in a deeply religious household which they rebel against in tragic ways.

This utterly lovable sci-fi flick is such a classic that people forget that much of the film deals with the difficulties of being a social outcast in high school.

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Marty McFly Michael J. Fox travels back toand has to plot to make sure his parents-total opposites-fall in love, while also trying to harness the power of lightning so he can getback to the future. Come for amazing soundtrack and action set-pieces, but stay for the hilarious scenes in which Marty's teenage mom takes a pass at him.

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Based on the coming-of-age novel by S. Hintonthis classic Francis Ford Coppola drama confronts the harsh lives of a gang of working class teens in Oklahoma, and has perhaps the most stacked male cast of any film in history, including Tom CruisePatrick Swayze, Rob LoweMatt DillonEmilio EstevezC. Thomas HowellRalph Macchioand Tom Waits. Bonus: Diane Lane's in it, too! Bet you didn't expect a film on this list, but, yes, it's actually a total teen classic.

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James Dean plays a troubled teen whose disillusionment with society is considered not only a compelling portrayal of teenage angst, but also a social commentary of the moral decay of America. This film took every teenage movie trope in the book and smushed them together, which is what makes it such a fascinating relic.

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The school's most popular teen, Zach Freddie Prince Jr. Obviously, they fall in love in the process. It got terrible reviews but was a sleeper hit in theaters, and it's not only one of the ultimate feel-good films but also a veritable ode to '90s rom-coms.

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This iconic film about a masked serial killer plaguing a group of high school students managed to reinvent the slasher film genre by masterfully embodying and simultaneously poking fun at the genre. Also, it's credited with launching the entire late-'90s horror genre, which could be combined together to create a super movie titled I Still Know Which Urban Legend You Screamed About Two Summers Ago. The film is basically a better version of She's All That with Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger as the leads, how could it not be?

An adaptation of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, the film revolves around the romance between a caustic and outspoken senior named Kat Stratford and a devilishly handsome new arrival named Patrick Verona.

Byany storyline involving a bet was already becoming cliche, but the scene in which Kat finally lets her guard down and breaks into tears while reading a poem is genuinely moving. This film starring Kirsten Dunst deals with a high school cheerleading squad literally and figuratively bending over backwards in an attempt to win a competition and best a rival team.

It's extremely fun and sassy, but the way it portrays sports culture and racial tension also lends it some surprising depth. Very few people realize that the film is actually an adaptation of the French novel Dangerous Liaisonswhich makes its tale of wealth, incest, betrayal, and intrigue all the more compelling.

Rich playboy Sebastian Ryan Phillippe makes a bet with his step-sister Kathryn Sarah Michelle Gellar that he can get an innocent fellow classmate Reese Witherspoon into bed, but ends up falling in love in the process. Never have I ever stayed up all night.

Never have I ever cheated on a test. Never have I ever used a dating app. Never have I ever been on a cruise.

Never have I ever lost a bet. Never have I ever kissed more than one person in 24 hours.

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Never have I ever gotten in a car accident. Never have I ever rode a motorcycle.

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Never have I ever cheated on someone. Never have I ever been cheated on. Never have I ever pretended to be sick to get out of school.

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Never have I ever beaten a video game. Never have I ever cried at school. Never have I ever sent a racy text to the wrong person. Never have I ever had a negative bank account balance.

Never have I ever played strip poker. Never have I ever been arrested.

Never have I ever been expelled. Never have I ever stolen anything. Never have I ever talked to a family member about my sex life. Never have I ever been Mexico. Never have I ever eaten caviar.

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Never have I ever used someone else's toothbrush. Never have I ever gotten a hickey. Never have I ever used someone else's Netflix password.

Never have I ever fallen asleep in class. Never have I ever been fired. Never have I ever been sent to the principal's office as a kid. Never have I ever clogged a toilet. Never have I ever toilet-papered someone's house. Never have I ever dyed my hair. Never have I ever worn something I took out of my dirty laundry.

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