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As popular and as successful as The Big Bang Theory was during its 12 seasons, there were plenty of moments that fans of the series didn't find appealing. Some weren't thrilled with the "geeky" stereotypes among the men grown men who read comic books and can't speak to women and others didn't appreciate how Penny was slut-shamed for being a young year-old with an active dating life. RELATED: The Big Bang Theory: The Main Characters, Ranked Worst-Best Character Arc. But it wasn't just Penny who was judged for dating different men in a short span of time. As much as the characters joke around about not being able to pick up the opposite sex, there were plenty of insults thrown their way when they did. When the gang is asked to be apart of a university fundraiser, Leonard meets Mrs.

The following night, Leonard gave in to his primal urges and spent the night with Mrs. Latham after she told him she was " that good.

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The laugh track ensued and it was a funny moment in the series, but this action perpetuates that anyone who spends the night with someone they aren't dating is a "slut. When Sheldon allows a graduate student named Ramona to assist him with his research, her nagging becomes too much to bear.

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Sheldon could no longer read comic books or play with his friends because she was pressuring him to be better than the day before. Sheldon ran to Penny for advice when he realized he couldn't get rid of Ramona and asked her how to end the relationship since Penny has ended so many before.

RELATED: The Big Bang Theory: 10 Times The Gang Slut-Shamed Penny. As always, Penny is unenthused at Sheldon's implication that she hops around from man to man.

But Sheldon continued saying that he sees plenty of men leave Penny's apartment without ever coming back. This did not mean that Penny slept with all of them, however.

And even if she did, it's her right. As much as the gang rags on Penny for being promiscuous, Leonard is just as free. Among the men in the group, Leonard attracted more women than any of them.

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In one episode, Leonard spends the night with Sheldon's friend who was visiting from out of town, Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton. The following morning, it was clear to Penny that Leonard had already slept with Elizabeth even though they recently broke up.

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Penny made Leonard feel bad about sleeping with Elizabeth because she thought it was too soon after their breakup. She even made it a point to say that she hasn't been with anyone.

What's worse is that Penny called Elizabeth Dr. When Raj and Lucy broke up, he slowly moved on to a woman named Emily that he met online with Amy's help.

The Big Bang Theory - Foursome?

But when he started talking to Emily, Lucy had a change of heart. This meant that Raj was casually dating two women.

This was a first for Raj and for members in the group but instead of supporting Raj for broadening his horizons, he was judged for it. Howard made fun of him whenever he mentioned two women, as did Leonard.

Raj ended up feeling so bad about it that he came clean about it to both women. However, there was nothing wrong with Raj dating two women casually while being honest with both of them.

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The problem is, they didn't remember where the computer was. As it turned out, Leonard gave Penny the computer when hers broke, but when the guys asked her for it, she said she gave it to her ex-boyfriend Zach.

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Leonard was immediately upset that Penny would give something he gave to her to a new boyfriend. As Leonard is explaining his frustrations, Sheldon says " Really? Of all the things she's given to other men that's what you're concerned about?

The entire episode then went back and forth about how many times she and Leonard broke up and how many times she ran to other men.

At the end of season four, we see Penny and Raj spend the night together.

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At the beginning of season five, we see everyone turned upside down by this random love connection. Penny said, " It's not what it looks like ," but it's obvious it was exactly what it looked like.

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Sheldon tries to figure out what they were doing if it wasn't what it looked like. Meanwhile, when Penny is at home upset with herself for sleeping with Raj, Amy sees her drinking wine and mentions how " trampy " she gets after she's had a few glasses.

Big Bang Theory - Evidence for the Theory What are the major evidences which support the Big Bang theory? First of all, we are reasonably certain that the universe had a beginning. Second, galaxies appear to be moving away from us at speeds proportional to their distance   The Big Bang Theory is notorious among fans for having over-the-top plots that showcase friendship, science, and hilarity. Each episode is memorable for fans, and the writers worked tirelessly to ensure that the episodes would be memorable long after the conclusion of the series   Big Bang Theory Final Episode Siddhant Nikam

Sheldon's mom, Mary Cooper, is a sweet Texan who uses religion as the forefront for everything she does. Since Penny's parents live in Nebraska, Penny looks to Mary as a second mom of sorts.

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When she comes to visit LA in the fifth season, she meets Penny in the laundry room where she finds a slinky lingerie top in her hamper. This makes Mary wonder if Penny is " letting them ride the roller coaster without buying a ticket.

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In the same episode as above, Mary isn't quite done with Penny. While touring through LA, Mary takes the gang to church where she makes everyone say a prayer.

Big bang theory sluts

When it was Penny's turn, Mary tells God " She also goes a little overboard on the 'love thy neighbor. When Sheldon is having issues with science, he goes to Penny to clear his head. And somehow, you managed to hold your head high despite your checkered past. RELATED: The Big Bang Theory: 5 Times Bernadette Should Have Dumped Howard 5 Times He Should Have Dumped Her.

Even in the 11th season, when Penny is happily married to Leonard, her single life is still brought up in conversation, which is odd considering Leonard also has a checkered past.

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