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Check out his body transformation. THE first intruder to be dropped into the Big Brother house for , Ryan Burke-Gaffney, has a naughty, naked past. And now, a promotional video of the Canadian-born hunk has been doing the rounds on the internet, revealing Leo totally starkers while going about a normal day - cooking naked, swimming naked, working out naked, answering the door naked. Apparently the eye-raising ad was an attempt to attract more female buyers by using a naked male to showcase the spaces around the home. The Queenslander says he went from an all-night party animal to clean-living personal trainer after not recognising his significantly overweight self in the mirror one day.

Rosen: TIA proposed to engage in predictive data mining to decide whether individual travelers were dangerous based on their resemblance to terrorist profiles.

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If you had bought fertilizer and one-way tickets in Florida, then you might be tagged as especially dangerous. As I understand the latest proposal of CAPPS II, it merely proposes to authenticate people to confirm that they are who they say they are. Regardless, I'm not as concerned about the privacy implications of a system that's engaging in authentication rather than identification.

20/08/ Big Brother housemate Ashleigh Hughes has stripped off for a Zoo Magazine photo shoot and declared that - modelling is her "dream job". Zoo. The Essex-born star - who was evicted Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins 31 true (fictional) lovers: Pop culture's best couples Like Romeo and Juliet, Han and Leia, Carrie and Mr. Big, timeless imaginary romances still give us a real warm feeling While in hotel quarantine, ahead of appearing on Channel 7's Big Brother VIP, she boasted about the ways she was undermining the hotel's safety protocols, describing the lockdown as a "hoax."

The second privacy protection that CAPPS II has is a control on the use of data. Under TIA, if the government found any evidence of low-level wrongdoing, even if this had nothing to do with terrorism, this information could be forwarded to the government.

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CAPPS II only allows intelligence officers to share evidence of wrongdoing with law enforcement officers if they find an outstanding warrant for a violent federal crime or felony. That use-limitation is a real victory for privacy.

The cast list for Big Brother VIP has officially been announced, and it's left many fans wondering who some of the 'celebrities' are. Lexie Cartwright @LexieCartwright Getting Naked for Big Brother. People are willing to strip for Uncle Sam and accept surveillance technologies to protect them from terrorists, though the privacy invasions won't make them any Estimated Reading Time: 12 mins Big Brother: Naked video surfaces of intruder Leo, a.k.a Ryan Burke-Gaffney. THESE days he is a hot, hunky underwear model, Powered by VIP Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

WN: Can every technology we employ for terrorist-tracking purposes balance privacy and security? Rosen: Any technology can strike a better or worse balance and can be designed in ways that threaten privacy less.

But even the best-designed technologies may still strike an unacceptable balance - either because they don't bring a lot of security or because threats of future invasions of privacy are great. You might well fear, for example, whether the use-limitations currently imposed on CAPPS II might be relaxed in response to future threats, and therefore that would be a good reason to avoid setting up a consolidated consumer database in the first place.

But I do believe in theory that each of these technologies can be designed in good or bad ways.

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In practice I'm not confident that good designs will be adopted because there is no market for them. WN: Such as the PrivaCam, a surveillance camera that masks the identity of people unless authorities need to identify them. As you say, there has not been a market for such a camera. Why are we more quick to accept an invasive camera than one that offers privacy safeguards? Rosen: Privacy-enhancing technologies are complicated, hard to explain and may protect values that people don't care all that much about protecting.

It's like the students of mine who, given the choice between the naked and the blob machine prefer the naked machine because it makes them feel safer, even when it's explained to them that it's not.

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People are very afraid, and they want the promise of silver bullets. Often the complicated design choices that good technologies require make them less emotionally compelling.

WN: Should companies be held accountable for not building privacy safeguards into their products? The naked machine, for example, could simply have been built so that it could only operate in "blob" mode. Rosen: I was told again and again by companies in Silicon Valley, "We only build the machines; it's up to other people to tell us how to design them.

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Even the decision to refine a naked machine to become a blob machine requires some executive to say that privacy is an important value to make that tweak.

It's asking a lot of technologists who are instinctively uncomfortable with policy choices.

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WN: You relate a disturbing conversation with Larry Ellison in which he proposed aligning America's national security strategy with the Oracle business plan by building a national database that would include fingerprints. Ellison got testy when you raised privacy concerns.

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What's good for Oracle and Larry Ellison should be good for America, he seemed to say. Are the corporate market's needs driving how we respond to national security crises?

David played as a member of the Big Brother 15 cast during the summer of Pic credit: CBS. Former Big Brother 15 houseguest David Girton will appear on a

Rosen: I'm very concerned about this military-technological complex. The values of the market are not necessarily the same as the values of the Constitution, and there is indeed a danger that unregulated technologies may threaten constitutional values.

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Should the market be curbed? But who's going to curb it?

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It would have to be a combination of congressional, judicial and executive regulation. But the chances of all that coming together is remote. WN: Is it fair to say that corporations are opening the door for future government intrusion by building an infrastructure for the government to piggyback on and conduct surveillance?

And Google announced a free e-mail service last month that would let the company's computer read the content of incoming e-mail to seed it with ads related to the content. Privacy advocates are concerned that building an infrastructure in which users agree to have their mail read and never deleted would be too attractive for law enforcement to ignore.

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Rosen: The danger that you identify is very real. Our statutory and constitutional law is very ill-equipped to deal with the challenge of government piggybacking on private data collection.

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Almost all of the restraints are directed exclusively to government, and when the government essentially uses the private sector as a proxy, much of the cooperation is unregulated. What makes it all the more challenging is that the same conservative libertarians in Congress who are instinctively suspicious of government surveillance and who helped defeat proposals like one for a national ID card are also enthusiastic free-market types who resist any government regulation of the private sector.

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WN: You've indicated, though, that the best hope for balancing privacy and security technologies is Congress. Congress is so mired in political partisanship and interest groups that it would seem to be a sorry body in which to place such hope. Rosen: Most of the great victories for privacy throughout the 20th century came from Congress.

We have extremely effective regulation of wiretapping, for example, because Congress passed a comprehensive regulation. E-mail privacy is regulated primarily by Congress as well.

There is a constituency in Congress for privacy, at least when it comes to regulation of the executive branch. I could imagine a scenario in which this bipartisan coalition of libertarian conservatives and civil-libertarian liberals imposes restrictions on the executive branch and its use of data rather than directly regulating the private sector collection of data.

WN: In the meantime, partnerships are going forward. The year-old famously exited the White House in and slammed the Trump administration in a tell-all book called Unhinged.

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He got his break as Luke Handley in Neighbours inbefore joining Home And Away in playing Hugo Austin. Curry also had a stint on Packed To The Raftersand hosted Beauty And The Geek for four seasons from Danny Hayes, a real estate agent, was branded the most controversial game-player in the show earlier this year, and has been tapped on the shoulder to return to the house for the celebrity version.

The year-old former footy great is best known for wearing the Collingwood jersey for games from toand then again in and He had a stint captaining the Brisbane Lions during the season, however stepped down as captain during the season due to personal issues. After not playing a game in the season and battling a gambling and prescription drug addiction, Beams retired from the AFL in October last year.

The Gold Coast model, who boasts 1. She got her big break in film starring in the sports comedy, Fighting With My Familyalongside Hollywood heavyweight Dwayne Johnson. One of the most controversial contestants to emerge from Married At First SightJessika Power is set to ruffle some feathers in the Big Brother house.

Popular Instagram influencer Josh Carroll boastsfollowers on the social media platform, in which he flaunts his high-flying lifestyle. The stylish model partners with various high-end brands to produce content, most notably Ralph Lauren. Toki was a contestant on Australian Survivor inbefore returning to the franchise for Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders in The year-old former NRL star played at state and international level during his footy career, in which he played for the St George Illawarra Dragons.

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After retiring inCooper has become somewhat of a fixture on Aussie reality TV, signing on for the season of Dancing With The Starsand The Celebrity Apprentice Australia in To join the conversation, please log in. Don't have an account?

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