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Stay-at-home mum, Amy Hardcastle, has been breastfeeding her five-year-old son since he was born. She nurses her son while naked in the bath and says nursing an older child is easier as she can explain how to feed directly. After getting involved in support groups and a breastfeeding festival, she questioned why she should have to stop breastfeeding so soon. Breastfeeding makes complete sense since my body continues to produce milk to sustain and nourish my child. Non-human primates stop breastfeeding around the time of the first permanent teeth, which is around five to six years old in human children.

In Iowa, a high school weight room is getting a renovation.

Another in Kentucky is replacing two outdoor tracks - all of this funded by the billions of dollars in federal pandemic relief Congress sent to schools this year. PINGREE GROVE, Ill. AP - Two zebras that escaped from a suburban Chicago pumpkin farm had travelers on a state highway doing double takes as the exotic animals hit the road during their brief taste of freedom.

Browse mooning stock photos and images available or search for flashing or skinny dipping to find more great stock photos and pictures. i can't believe they did that! - mooning stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. farty party!! - mooning stock illustrations. farting the town red -   73 Pics of Barcelona Men in Their Naked, Uncut Beauty by Mano Martinez. We are looking forward to Mano's exhibit "Yes, It's a Sin", in Barcelona this June. Read more below. Martinez - who   Let's pretend that you're a houseguest on Big Brother. First off, congrats! Second off, good luck avoiding an unintentional nude scene. In the Big Brother house, there are cameras watching the

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Report a typo or grammatical error required. The stills are from a shocking clip of an execution in Luebo, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and show the naked victim being dragged into the the town's main square by a group claiming allegiance to the Kamuina Nsapu movement.

The stomach-churning video - which was filmed on April 8, but only emerged this week - is said to show the poor woman being punished after being accused of serving the food to rebel killers who visited her restaurant. The rebel group have to refrain from having sex, washing themselves and eating meat, fish and other items while fighting, revealed Congolese researcher and consultant Anaclet Tshimbalanga.

In video of the woman's execution, the leader of the rebel group, Kalamba Kambangoma, is seen grabbing the woman by the hair before she is taken to the stage to be publicly raped.

Rebel leaders force the woman to have sex with the son of her husband's second wife, and another woman is seen whipping the pair with branches. Following the public ordeal, rebels executed the woman and the young man, believed to be in his 20s, by beheading them with machetes. Several rebels drank their blood after the execution, and some even posed with the young man's severed head, according to wtinesses.

2 days ago  Video Transcript. Transcript for Year-Old Boy Found Drunk, Naked. He can even - and he was just. You know. Me - A major - is a mom and I'm like Alan coming -   Original video was taken down by youtube. This took place in the cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. The person filming is Mike DeLong. He works for Bank of America in Charlotte, NC. Help bring these thugs to justice   Tom Daley has posed naked and posted a picture of himself on the internet because he knows we'll LOVE it. by Joel Golby |. Posted on 29 08 It must be tough being Tom Daley, just known for his body, and not for his mind. Just cheered and adored for jumping into lukewarm chlorinated water from a height, instead of for anything else

The bodies remained on display for two days before they were moved to a local cemetery. As a cool down, here's another accidental NSFW moment caught on tape: Cody, Zach, and Frankie discussing their liquid dreams tbt O-Town. By Samantha Martin.

  Mum breastfeeds five-year-old son naked in the bath and says there's nothing wrong with extended breastfeeding. Comment Faima Bakar Wednesday 19 Sep am Mooning Premium High Res Photos. Browse mooning stock photos and images available, or search for spanking or streaking to find more great stock photos and pictures. i can't believe they did that! - mooning stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. moonlighting santa - mooning stock illustrations   HORROR images show a woman being raped, whipped and beheaded to please a cheering mob after serving "forbidden fish" to rebel soldiers - who then drank her blood. The stills are

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