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There's no shame in watching porn, right? Seriously, lots of women do it. Sometimes it's the only way to satisfy those sexual fantasies that for whatever reason you aren't trying to live out IRL. You know, like BDSM, taking part in an orgy, or experimenting with the gender you don't usually go for. Turns out that last fantasy may be a major reason women visit porn sites. A recent PornHub report shows that "lesbian" is the most popular category for female viewers of this digital porn portal.

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Richmond says the answer is usually no. Plus, hetero porn tends to put the spotlight on the penis.

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In girl-on-girl scenes, the entire female body is the star of the show. RELATED: 9 Surprising Facts About Female Masturbation.

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Hetero porn is typically centered around male pleasure, Richmond says, and it often involves super aggressive intercourse with the guy in control. But penis-in-vagina jackhammering isn't what makes most women hit that high note.

Lesbian porn is different, though, because it's often written by women, for women, she adds. Plus, hetero porn tends to put the spotlight on the penis. In girl-on-girl scenes, the entire female "That's what I had to do!" Minaj said. "One time I was thinking like, you know, what if one of my best friends said the things that I say to myself Suspecting her husband of infidelity, gynecologist Dr. Catherine Stewart hires an escort named Chloe in order to test his faithfulness. Soon, the relationships between all three intensify. Director: Atom Egoyan | Stars: Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, Max Thieriot. Votes: 70, | Gross: $M

Instead, it's more about clitoral stimulation, and there's lots of that in lesbian porn. Oh, and hetero porn always seems to end when the guy ejaculates.

Lesbian porn is all about women reaching that big O. You also won't be looking at a female porn star's body and thinking, Why don't I look like that? Instead, you can just focus on what feels good. No distractions. Culturally, it's more acceptable for women to experiment sexually with women than for men to play around with men.

That's not to say lesbian women don't still face discrimination. But when a woman hooks up with another woman, it's often seen as sexy; when a man does it, it's seen as strange.

That's one reason women are more sexually fluid, but Richmond says it's also in our DNA. Studies have shown that women are turned on by a much wider range of things than men, she says.

Why we're hard-wired that way is unclear, but it's something to embrace and enjoy.

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