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Messages all black males in prison regret

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One in every three black males born today can expect to go to prison at some point in their life, compared with one in every six Latino males, and one in every 17 white males, if current incarceration trends continue. These are among the many pieces of evidence cited by the Sentencing Project, a Washington, D. The report was submitted to the U. Human Rights Committee this week in advance of the U. The report's findings lead its authors to conclude that the U. is violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that all citizens must be treated equally under the law.

You could call it a finance war, or a banking war. There are some powerful, intelligent and well organized rich elite that do not want to be recognize. They dont appear in any television show or newspapers. No one knows their names but they pull the strings. They have an agenda and once you accept this you can begin to look for evidence and realize that this is what is happening. These people have the ability to cause the United States to wage war, if they so choose. They apparently have the ability to make congress write constitutionally illegal laws.

They manipulate the masses with television and newspapers reports. They look for differences in people to stir emotions and pit the masses against one another, such as the conservative v liberal debate, etc.

They affect schools so people are kept ignorant about the mechanics of money creation and of the national debt.

A high school graduate may know Algebraic expressions, or he may know the type of atmosphere the planet Jupiter has. But one thing he wont know is how money is created. A high school graduate wont know what is a federal reserve note, he wont know how credit affect the money aggragates.

He wont know that most of the money is circulation is in the form of a bookeeping entry. What does this have to do with black men in prison? There is no real interest in eliminating the problems with drugs, unemployment, crime.

These are problems and trying to curb these problems make money for them. Moreover, someone in government seem to want to keep a list of people that may pose a threat to them. In a few more years, everysingle person in these united states will be in a file. This sad reality shows what happens when individuals or groups who have no appreciation for education, history in particular, are allowed to bring children into the world. A child raised by ill-prepared parents, in a hostile environment is every bit as dangerous as a loaded gun!

This is tragic to turn our heads away from this form of slavery without any form of rehabilataion Leaves me wondering, to what benefit does incarceration do if the system takes no steps towards reform in an effort to send these men back into society without social support systems instilled in place.

1 In 3 Black Males Will Go To Prison In Their Lifetime, Report Warns. One in every three black males born today can expect to go to prison at some point in their life, compared with one in every six Latino males, and one in every 17 white males, if current incarceration trends gleicyferreira.comted Reading Time: 5 mins "More Black men are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in , before the Civil War began," Michelle Alexander told a standing room only house at the Pasadena Main Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins Black men made up only about 10 of North Carolina's population in , but accounted for nearly 60of North Carolina's prison population. Why do so many

For many, there are several incentives to keeping the system just they way it is not the least of which is the return on investment on privatization of prisons. So you dont mind organized racial cleansing,obviously!!! So I am sure you dont mind the structure of FAMILY being desolved into nothing as well Sharon Kyle. You should just go put on your white hood and join the rest the good ol boysLook a little deeper and realize what is happening.

These prisons are private slave quarters. These people make millions off of your brothers and sisters. Have you read part two of this article? I wrote it. The benefit of having men in prison such as these, or of any race, is they are not harming honest taxpaying citizens. How many of my working hours and financial resources are spent, carrying people on section 8, food stamps and incarceration.

you missed the point of the article - the criminal justice system is targeting minorities over whites, who use and sell drugs at an equal or higher rate. That was a moronic comment. You should really read the article, Kevin. That way, you will be able to make a relevant contribution to the conversation. Let me know how that goes for you. YOU SHOULD NOT GET MAD AT THE PEOPLE THAT NEED THESE SERVICES GET MAD AT THE PEOPLE WHO DESIGNED THESE PROGRAMS THEY ARE THE SCAMMERS.


YOU FOLK ARE SO BUSY JUDGING AND SOON YOU WILL BE JUDGED TOO!!! Speaking as someone who has been part of the federal prison system, I can honestly say that it is pure economics that are driving everything here.

Consider, that black males in prison join

Prison inmates are forced to work in manufacturing everything from textiles to license plates remember the cliche? Of course the public is not aware of this. I know because my slave job was actually using my skills to help run the prison itself, although I am sure that even though the inmates do most of the work of running the prison, the budgets have not gone down. And the wages? And that is if you have at least a GED.

And of course, even as you do all this work, you do not get certified in that field so that the skill if you are lucky enough to have a job that is relatively skilled can help you land a job after you get out. And besides, who is going to hire an ex-con? Especially in this economy where many people who are educated and have no record cant even find work. And full disclosure on my background: I have a college degree, owned my own IT business at the time of my incarceration.

I was on vacation and got caught up due to ignorance on my part in a drug smuggling scheme. And I have not found employment at a livable wage since.

and that has been since So before you get started keep this in mind. As has been stated, if you try to eliminate the prison industrial complex, there are millions of people who would be put out of work, towns that would be decimated, which would in turn create all kinds of other criminal enterprises.

But what is the cost if we do not?

We as a society are criminalizing everything, including being too poor to pay traffic tickets or child support, and people are being incarcerated for it, and our society is paying for it. Where do you think the funds come from to incarcerate people?

OUr tax dollars. As far as why people are committing crimes, it depends on what your definition of crime is. In poor communities regardless of color, poverty is the number one cause for crime anywhere in the world.

opinion, actual

If there are no jobs, and no opportunity for work, you create a job in order to eat, the primary need for human survival. And when you factor in that in America we spend so much more on prisons than in education, with prison being one of the few growth industries, then of course it follows that legislators have to criminalize more so that these increasingly privatized prisons can meet their economic objectives.

This is where it has to be stopped. First, though, citizens must organize to repeal the draconian laws that pervade our society. Then we can focus on education as a growth industry, not prisons. Maybe we can then focus our attention on limiting the military industrial complex as well, which is just as pervasive and has a huge economic impact on American domestic help.

less money on education means you create a permanent underclass, which of course means you create, by economic necessity, an underground economy. Which of course is illegal, not for moral reasons, but because the government is not able to collect taxes from that enterprise, which we have also criminalized.

IN short, the culture of crime non-violent, enterprise driven is at the root of our problem and it is our own domestic and foreign policy that has created it.

And not one person who has had the conservative view in these posts have addressed the biggest elephant in the roomHow are the drugs getting onto our streets for our citizens to use and sell? No kid in the urban or rural or suburban community, regardless of race, owns or has the means to import drugs to be distributed in this country, so just on that note alone we have to, for academic reasons alone in order to have an intelligent conversation about the issues at hand, ask ourselves why is that?

Mass Incarceration, Visualized

What is at the root of all this? My analysis, my intellect, tells me that this is a top down issue and can only be dealt with from that direction. But who at the top wants that? If you own stock in Wackenhut, one of the largest private prison firms, you have seen your dividends increase. A decrease in prison population affects your bank account. Yes, this is the new plantationbut it has moved from the agricultural base that we so remember it to the boardroom.

The new plantation is the corporation. Same as it ever was. Failure to provide adequate child support has, for the third time, landed my black friend behind bars. The law does not consider extenuating cirsumstances. He has become an unwitting victim, the sustainer of a system which requires regular blood donations from its 50, similar hosts nation-wide in order to survive.

The bureaucratic fangs, once inserted, are loathe to relinquish their hold so long as there is any opportunity to further exploit its victim. This reply is for Khalll; Thank you! And I hope and pray you keep on saying it. And Mrs. Black males 1st priorities should be going to college, or starting a legit business. Statistically those who obtain higher education have lower crime rates, and have the higher opportunities to excel in the workforce.

We seriously need to raise the level of expectations for Black men because I know we can do better. Sorry RW, but if you read my post you will see that education is not the magic bullet you think it is. And everyone makes mistakes. But you have to pay for it for the rest of your life, as your opinion proves out.

Sometimes it is mere association that lands one in prison, and if you know anything about the federal system, as I do, then you know that the federal drug laws are so crazy that most of the guys I was incarcerated with were there for something as benign as pointing out to an informant who was selling the drugs in the community. Family members, friends, and associates all swept up in a wave for prosecutors to get large busts.

Black males in prison

Believe me, because of the drug laws, there are way more innocent people in prison than even the numbers suggest. And then, to add insult to injury, you do all that time and are marked for life. And we wonder why the recidivism rates are so high. What do you say to someone like me? Never been in trouble before or since that unfortunate incident that took away 3 years of my life incarcerated, and the 8 years since, 5 of which were on parole.

share your

This is the new real life Scarlet Letter That of the ex-felon. You are marked for life. And higher education has nothing to do with that. If in fact, you have such a website or other medium of communication I would be happy to endorse and promote that effort.



I agree wholeheartedly because I have a brother whom is currently serving a 25 year sentence in SC and absolutely no drugs were found in his possession. SC is an Incarceration State. I see the fulfillment of Deuteronomy 28th, Do You? Africa is a continent. Black is a color.

I read a lot. Enlighten me. When travelling in the U. You can be white and be from Africa, but I noticed an ongoing trend in your country. More people eat peanut butter sandwiches than they did during slavery. She is the recipient of a considerable fellowship.

The point you bring up is foundational and was one of the first things considered. I agree with Eric. No dice Michelle Alexander.

were visited with

In as much has I understand and appreciate the concerns and efforts from various authors, black organizations, groups, activist and the prisoners I am appalled and alarmed that no one remembers nor mentions the victims.

Does anyone remember or care about the black girls kidnapped, tortured, raped, murdered and left begging for her lives only to die alone in rat infested abandoned houses, dark basements and cold ditches? Does any one remember the young black males that had their life snuffed out because of petty jealousy and envy? Does anyone remember or mention the fathers robbed and shot for simply trying to work and provide for his family?

These various authors, black organizations, groups, activist and prisoners should be aiding and abetting the black men out here trying and struggling with everything the have to avoid becoming prisoners. Enoch Gil - the there are two major issues that are confronted in the book. non-violent drug offenders and 2 the policies that lead to black and brown communities being targeted in the war on drugs.

She is not proposing that we release violent criminals, which in fact do not account for the ugleicyferreira.comecedented growth in our prisons - she found the growth to be tied directly to changes in policy as it relates to drug laws but even more insidious is that the enforcement of these laws appear to occur overwhelmingly in neighborhoods of color.

Street dealing is usually not a violent crime, but it takes down the neighborhood. Does Ms. Alexander look out her window and see dealers on the corner while the children walk to school?

Has Ms. John, there are many social ills that need our attention. Alexander is not a proponent of illicit drug use. Her ground breaking research does not lead to the endorsement of wholesale acceptance of the activity you describe in your comment. I understand that there are victims, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I think the whole point being made is the time that peolpe of color serve in relations to the Whites that do the same crime the justice system is not balanced.

All of those who commit the crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but make it a fair system. But they do. All they have to do is STOP SELLING CRACK. Of course we know there are several contributing factors.

consider, that

However I find that in a lot of cases we black men must change our conversation in some circles. But American programs for new-ly released prisoners echo the typical follies of our criminal justice system. Our politicians usually believe that voters only want the emotional satisfactions of meting out maximum punishment,even if these policies lead to even more crime.

Since mostly are African American Men. Are African American Men commiting all of the crimes in The United States? The answer is NO. Since prisoners are often held far away from their families. And States charge Astronomical Rates for prison phone calls, prisoners often lose touch with their loved ones and may not have anyone to take them in when they get home. In Essence, they arrive in their home Cities with no plans. Returning Prisoners need many things: Stable Housing,Job Training,G.

We have to find better solutions, other than Lock-em-Up and Throw-Away-The Key Mentality!!

whom can ask?

BRYAN: I really like what you had to say about blacksyou sound like a genius, could you please give me your home address so that I may convey to you a special gift that reflects my heart felt sincerity towards your statement. The goal here is to educate. Most of the people in prison, regardless of race commited crimes. Actually, there is a parallel between slavery and imprisonment.

what does it matter what they are paid. either they are being forced to provide the fruits of there labor to another or they are not. Where in the world do you think its better for blacks in a predominantly white country? I can tell you its not here Australia. Certainly not europe, my time in the states I noticed one thing with blacks. Lack of PARENTING! Just a pet peeve of mine. The headline is ambiguous. When referring to numbers please make it clear if it is not otherwise obvious to state whether it is absolute numbers or relative numbers.

To end the drug war the empire will have to end. That are too many people making money from it to end so long as the empire is in place.

Those interests are the military; law enforcement; those who benefit financially from prisons whether public or private ; banks and other financial institutions; and the government. The amount of money involved requires that financial institutions must be involved to launder such large amounts. He was sentenced by Cherokee CO GA to boot camp and 10 years probation.

There's black males in prison right! like

We need to teach u who you can friend and not friend LIKE A BiG JOKE. The man has now lost his job and notes a felony record because the court wanted to teach a 35 year old man about selecting friends!!! Trust this is an example of most of the legal BULL transpiring with Black Men in the corts today!

IN GREED THEY TRUST. You are the worst. The article title does an awesome job of summing up the issue of the war on drugs well. Like his facebook page. I was sentenced to days in jail because my 16 yr old son was being denied access to me and he ran away to see me. There was never any domestic violence, no child abuse, no drugs, not even a speeding ticket - never been arrested at the time 49yrs old.

Simply parenting while black. Having a black man as a strong influence in the lives of his children is not permittedno different than when black children were removed from their families to destroy the family unit.

Possible tell, black males in prison simply matchless

It is still being done today. Of course their was no evidence to support it and of course it is not illegal to begin with. The fact that my ex threatened to destroy my bond with the children, said she could do so anytime she felt like it and routinely filed false statements of domestic violence to harass me and the childrenincluding denying court ordered contact between the kids and I were minimized and ignored.

The case is much more disgusting than this including white judges threatening the children even though they had committed no crime. I am working on publishing the story. MDKH, White men face the same kind of bullshit from the courts. First of all I would like to thank Mr.

Price for writing this article and commend Ms. Sharon Kyle for her professionalism in responding to some of these comments. Indeed, how can you receive that which destroys your concept about your self and Your entitlements to America? For they believe that they are superior to many others Here in America, based upon their perceived entitlements.

Yet, he negated the fact that unlike his family, the majority of african american households are without a husband. or a Father. That alone outside of any racial consequences, poverty or lack of education is sufficient o cripple all members of the family, though the black community has suffered from all while Simultaneously denied full participation in the society in which they dwelled. And those laying claim on it, must claim Everything which america claims. The key is to devise a system that recognises this while not appearing to.

Haldeman, White House Chief of Staff under Nixon. Odd how as the number of blacks being placed in jail increased the rate of crime decreased. But that would be racist! Well let me make a racist prediction then: Letting blacks out of jail in large numbers will result in much higher crime. If you had, you would realize how silly you just sounded. There was a crack-cocaine ratio for a reason.

The majority of black men in prison are there for NON-VIOLENT drug offenses, guess who commits more violent crime? In Tampa, Florida, whites are arrested at 3 times the rate of blacks, however blacks are convicted at twice the rate. America seems to think that for all its intentional discrimination and for all of the crimes against humanity and for the targetted relegation of the poor to 2nd class citizenship it will face no consequences.

You seem to have a rose-colored glasses way of looking at this. Did your father ever go to jail? The reason why I ask is because if he had been to jail do you think he would have the same opportunity to buy that co-op? He was never able to find work because he had a felony drug charge! Look at those families in Astoria, How many of those fathers do you think spent at least 1 night in jail?

Justin, thanks for responding. No, my father never went to jail. We were exposed to drugs and crime in the Astoria projects yet never took part in it. I do have my positive viewpoint from seeing our family rise out of the projects to be decent middle class people.

I experienced so I know it can be done. Some of our old friends that are still there say the neighborhood is still really bad. I think it is lack of motivation and self esteem. By the way, Chris Rock says the same thing.

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Maybe people living in the projects do work hard with multiple jobs as you indicated but also they do not make enough money to get out. You are allowed to live in the Astoria projects provided you made below a certain amount of money. Once my father began earning too much money we were asked to leave the projects. Sorry the police stop you so often. The American system that I was praising before is not perfect.


There are a lot of racists in the police force. justin, just wanted to add on to my answer to your question about my father. My father never went to jail because he never did anything foolish to have himself put in jail.

The American system is set up that you can make a good life for yourself provided you are healthy and motivated enough to work hard for it. I come from a Latino immigrant family. We had no connections in the US when we came here. My father took us from South America to move to NYC.

We started off in the poor NYC Astoria projects, a rough black-latino neighborhood. My oldest brother was robbed our first night there.

My father knew no English yet taught himself English by translating the NY Times each day. He worked hard enough to get us out of the projects and bought a co-op then eventually a house for us.

At Spark Inside, we have adapted our Hero's Journey life coaching programme, to address the specific experiences of young black men in the prison system. Two of our specially-trained professional life coaches have been working with young black men aged 16 - 25 as we piloted the programme, which you can find out more about here A white man would be able to walk away as a free man, while a Black man would have to serve some type of sentence in the prison system. This injustice causes Black men to receive unjust penalties for misdemeanor crimes, the unemployment rates of black men to increase, and black women of the household must work harder to sustain a stable household "The Census estimates that approximately 18, people in the U.S. population are black males, of all ages The Bureau of Justice Statistics' National Prisoner Statistics Program reports that in that same year, , were in state or federal prisons, and, as of mid-year , , were in local jails, making for a total of about , behind bars"Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

Now all of his kids through education and hard work own property. My father also had no father, similar to many African American families.

They never were motivated enough to rise above their situation. Do not tell me a Latino immigrant that knows no English can come to the US actually has an advantage over someone born here and already knows the language. You can be something in the USA. Use the system, work your ass off and make it happen!

Have not black males in prison sorry, not

We worked our ass off for over years FOR FREE!!! We were mentally branded as a permanent underclass for years. Haitians and Cubans illegally migrate to S. Florida every year. I only see Hispanics in govt. and as business owners. Those who have the power in govt.

opinion you are

control the wealth. Who works harder than a slave? What happened to the lecture at the Pasadena Public Library? I should have downloaded it when I had a chance. It is a shame that so many people still believe racism is based on data.

As she succinctly stated, we went from blatant racism to inferred discrimination. How else can you explain the disparity between powder and crack cocaine sentencing? Keep believing the government is on your side. I am ashamed of my sisters and brothers who believe that African-Americans are the only criminals on the planet. Let me give a bit of context for this discussion. Referencing the same article above. population are black males, of all ages The Bureau of Justice Statistics' National Prisoner Statistics Program reports that in that same year,were in state or federal prisons, and, as of mid-year, were in local jails, making for a total of aboutbehind bars".

To give a lens for viewing this data India is a country of 1. In fact, there are more African American men incarcerated in the U. than the total prison populations in India, Argentina, Canada, Lebanon, Japan, Germany, Finland, Israel and England combined. As stated by Nicole Porter in the piece "Politics of Black Lives Matter". countries have the policies and prison populations they choose.

are not

Between an a period during which overall and violent crime rates tripled in Germany, Finland, and the United States, German politicians chose to hold the imprisonment rate flat, Finnish politicians chose to substantially reduce theirs, and American politicians generally enacted policies that sent more people to prison, along with lengthened prison terms.

Today in the United States there are approximately 18 million black men, and nearly million women of all races. According to the Sentencing Project the total number of women incarcerated in America is aboutEven more shocking despite the population of black men being about a tenth the size, there are nearly 4 times as many black men incarcerated in comparison to women of all races in the U.

To give a more appropriate contrast than just black men in college and black men incarcerated, lets look at the debated education vs incarceration reality for white women and black men comparatively. According to the Census in total there are about 8.

For black men the numbers are as listed above, there are about 1. So in the end the contrasting of college enrollment vs. This injustice causes Black men to receive unjust penalties for misdemeanor crimes, the unemployment rates of black men to increase, and black women of the household must work harder to sustain a stable household. In order to stop the jury from being biased toward African Americans, all crimes in our justice system should receive the same punishments.

Having a brother and cousin that have been to jail, I know how much of an impact this has made on my family. If the mass incarceration of black men slows down or stops altogether, then we as a country will see positive economic and social changes in the African-American culture or community.

He went in at the age of 17 and it affected the family emotionally it hit hard on all of us and the way we thought. All I could really say is that this event had a huge emotional effect on my family. Black men often receive harsher sentences for lesser crimes, like non-violent drug offenses. This proves that African Americans are disproportionately receiving harsher sentences and more arrests than white people for these crimes.

If the justice system had a specified, set punishment for this crime, then race would no longer matter. The unemployment rate of black men is rising due to more black males being put in jail. When compared to the unemployment rate of white men, it is higher. Undoubtedly, there is a correlation between the incarceration of black men vs.

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