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She reveals her sexuality to everyone and is rewarded in kind.

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This story is less about sexual athletics and more about the intensity of the experience and her thoughts while it's occurring. Complete with soundtrack, but you have to hum the songs in your head.

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She certainly was not a virgin when she married Marc, but never was it like this. He drew her away from the wall and without disconnecting, he turned her around, one hundred and eighty degrees. With the palms of her hands against the wall, he held her in place with his left arm across her abdomen.

Her feet now a few inches off the ground, his left hand tightly gripped her right breast. The black fingers of his right hand he gathered her blonde hair and pulled her head back.

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You are going to get to know it well. By the time I turn you out, yeah, you ll know it very well. Right along with a bunch of other positions my clients favor"After Dex had fucked Michelle unmercifully for several minutes, he went off himself. Allowing her to slip to the ground like a pile of rags, he used her panties to wipe himself. Then returned his satisfied cock back in its place and zipped up his pants. Picking up her purse, he dug out one of her calling cards.

Slipping it into his shirt pocket, he snapped the purse shut and tossed it near her panties. Hands on his hips, Dex looked down upon the crumpled woman and laughed his hearty laugh. Then he said, "The ladies room is through the kitchen and to your left. Better get back with your lady friends or you ll be missed.


I ll get with you early next week and we ll have another black cock training session. On her knees, leaning against the wall, it was all Michelle could do to turn and watch Dex walk away. Yes, without any idea of the possible cost to her, she wanted more of his cock.

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As she gathered her panties and purse, she thought, "That has to be the best orgasm I have ever had. But, I ve got to get control of it, so I can keep my marriage and have it when I want it. Michelle already had a douche, showered, and was in bed before Marc slipped in next to her that Saturday night.

The following morning, their cook s day off, Michelle and her husband lay in bed discussing the day ahead. Marc rolled onto his side facing her and said, "I m not really hungry babe.

So, why don t you go out and get something for both of us. French toast and a cup of coffee sounds good. Michelle rose, thinking, "I have to keep him happy. He provides the lifestyle that I always dreamed I would be living.

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So, I ll do whatever makes him happy. In a patronizing gesture, she quickly rose, dressed and purred, "Get yourself a shower and I ll meet you down stairs. As per usual, he was gone before she woke up that following morning. Laying in bed, she wondered if Dex would call. On one hand, she hoped he wouldn t call.

With the prenuptial agreement she had signed, she was sure that Marc would kick her to the curb if he ever found that she was having sex with another man, or woman. The color of his skin or the size of his cock did not make one bit of difference to Marc. He knew that she was not a virgin when they were married. However, he had made it very clear that she was his, exclusively. On the other hand, she wanted, and needed, more of Dexter s big black cock.

What she did not want to acknowledge was the feeling of need for his cock. A need to feel it rammed deep into her womb. As she rolled out of bed, she mentally counted the days since her last period.

Not on the pill, Michelle stepped into the shower, thinking, "Yeah, I m safe through this week. I d better get on the pill before I end up with a big problem.

I don t know what I ll tell Marc.

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Oh well, I ll think of something". About nine thirty, as Michelle was finishing her breakfast out by the pool her cell phone rang. It was Dex. Just do as your told, bitch.

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Dex gave her the address of his friend s apartment in an exclusive complex about ten minutes from Michelle s home. And listen carefully!

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You come with no bra, no panties. Sandals, short shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Ya hear me, bitch?

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He cut her off, "Get your white ass over here dressed like I told you, clocks tickinblondie. Get your white ass moving. Your gonna get your tight pussy well fucked. She closed her phone and quickly made her way upstairs to dress the way he had dictated. Standing at the door of the proper apartment, Michelle felt torn.

Her husband was tall, dark, handsome, wealthy and very intelligent.

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She was driving the vehicle of her choice and living in one of the best neighborhoods in the town. So, why was she here? Because, she wanted more of that big black cock and the thrill of those orgasms. Therefore, she put it all on the line and knocked on the door.

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It came open, Michelle was pulled in, the door shut and locked. Once in the apartment, Michelle found Dex and other large black man.

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Both were nude so she could see that the other man, introduced to her as Jimmy, had a build like a football player and a cock only slightly smaller than Dex. As he began unbuttoning her shirt, Dex commanded, "Drop the shorts! Michelle responded immediately, allowing the shorts to find her ankles. Dex pushed the shirt off her shoulders and she allowed it to fall on top of the shorts. She whimpered, "I ah, I didn t know there would be two of you". Dex grinned at her a said, harshly, "Shut up, bitch.

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Just do as you re told and you ll get the fucking thrill of your life. You don t and I ll kick your white ass out of here.

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