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Share on Facebook. Edit Delete. Throughout a film that has Cage running around yelling at children, punching and kicking women, the scene where the neo-pagans finally exact their punishment is among his finest work. It's outstanding. Bridesmaids Bridesmaids is important for lots of reasons, but for our purposes here, we're going to focus on the fact that it unleashed the absolute comedic delight of Melissa McCarthy upon the world as Dougie's Tim Heidecker doofus-with-a-heart-of-gold sister, Megan.

In the first scene we're introduced to her, we get a lot from Megan, oversharing with Kristen Wiig's Annie about getting pins in her leg after falling off a cruise ship and mistaking the extraordinarily tall Hugh Dane smoking a pipe and wearing a newsboy cap for Annie's "fella," which is when we get this gem of unfiltered libido. The Prestige The whole point of magic tricks is to deceive. That's why they're called TRICKS, and that's what makes the twisty-turny storytelling of Christopher Nolan's The Prestige so riveting, even if you already know what happens.

Part of doing magic is making the audience think the trick is happening over here, while actually making something else happen over there. When you're watching the ball in one hand, you're not focusing on what he's doing with the other, which is what makes the trick work in the end.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby To this day, we as a culture are still dipping into the quotable comedy behemoth that is Adam McKay and Will Ferrell's Talladega Nightsbut the single scene that's mined the most is Ferrell's Ricky Bobby delivering a rambling family prayer over a dinner of Dominos, KFC, and "the always delicious" Taco Bell.

Ricky Bobby prefers the Christmas Jesus, and thus: "Dear 8-pound, 6-ounce newborn infant Jesus, don't even know a word yet just a lil infant so cuddly, but still omnipotent. Love that money! Also, due to a binding endorsement contract that stipulates I mention Powerade at each grace, I just want to say that Powerade is delicious and it cools you off on a hot summer day and we look forward to Powerade's release of Mystic Mountain Blueberry.

Thank you for all your power and grace, dear baby God. Barbershop The Barbershop franchise is all talk. For over a decade, the series, which spawned two sequels, a spinoff starring Queen Latifah, and a short-lived Showtime comedy, chronicled the bustling activity and nonstop banter inside a Chicago hair-cutting establishment owned by Ice Cube's Calvin Palmer Jr. But Calvin often ceded the floor to Cedric The Entertainer's Eddie, a gray-haired, glasses-wearing barber with opinions on just about everything.

In a pre-social-media world, Eddie's provocative comments in the movie, which included takes like "Fuck Jesse Jackson," "O.

did it," and "Rosa Parks ain't do nothin' but sit her black ass down," managed to generate newspaper headlinesstrongly worded letters to the studio, and even threats of a boycott from Reverend Al Sharpton. It's hard to think of many other comedies where the dialogue actually spilled out into the real world to this extent, prompting Jackson himself to pressure the studio to remove the offending lines about Civil Rights icons from the DVD.

What's noteworthy about the actual scene is that almost everyone else in the shop at the time is already condemning Eddie's remarks, grumbling and booing in the background, and the Jackson line gets the biggest groans of all, showing "straight talk" like Eddie's always comes with a strong reaction. Nymphomaniac Part I Danish bad-boy director Lars von Trier is not for everyone, and his two-part sex addiction epic Nymphomaniac is definitely not for everyone, but for those who dig his t-t-t-tWiStEd filmography, Nymphomaniac Part I contains the single greatest, most bizarre, most shocking line reading of all his movies.

It occurs when Mrs. H Uma Thurman, god tier decides to bring herself and her children to visit her unfaithful husband and the young girl the movie's protagonist, played here by Stacy Martin he's sleeping with, touring around her apartment and commenting on all of her possessions.

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The whole exercise is designed to show her husband how his infidelity has ruined the lives of his family-an extremely, extremely, painfully awkward setup for a scene-and when she finally gets to the "whoring bed" line, your whole brain will just be full of exclamation points and nothing else. Much of its popularity comes down to the chemistry and the much-hyped sex scene between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, with Portman in particular delivering a crazed, obsessive performance as Nina, a ballerina losing her grip on reality as she struggles to embody the Black and White Swan in Swan Lake.

Aronofsky's films typically demonstrate his eye for an dazzling final shot The Wrestler or Requiem for a Dreamfor examplebut there's no better way to end a movie about the hazards of perfectionism than with Portman's Nina bleeding, looking into the lights, and saying for once: "I was perfect.

Inglourious Basterds Christoph Waltz's international starmaking turn as Colonel Hans Landa, an SS officer working in Nazi-occupied France, allows him to lay on his weasely, morally bankrupt charm throughout Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterdsbut he lands on this gem right at the moment World War II can be won by the Allies.

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While almost all of Waltz's screen time features zingers delivered in three languages, this is the line that reveals how truly empty his soul is: He's smart, and has no conscience. As he presents his offer to Brad Pitt's Aldo Raine and B.

Novak's Smithson Utivich, the perpetually cheery colonel tries his hand at an American expression. The result is a malapropism that belies the utter seriousness of the moment, and is instantly memorable; the war will be over that night, but Landa happily practices his American English as he preps a clean exit for himself. Even though Aldo corrects him, Landa's version is what lives on from Inglourious Basterds.

Donnie Darko Richard Kelly's dorm-room-poster of a movie, filled with stoner-logic time-travel shenanigans and enough adolescent angst to fill a heated LiveJournal entry, has a handful of lines that pop off the screen: "I'm voting for Dukakis;" "Smurfette doesn't fuck;" and "Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion" were all named as possible candidates for this list.

Kelly's ear for teenage vulgarity and suburban absurdity remains the movie's secret weapon, the ct that keeps it from devolving into overwrought science-fiction mumbo-jumbo and messianic self-pity.

His less widely celebrated follow-up, Southland Taleshas a handful of memorable smart-ass one-liners too.

But the "stupid man suit" question posed by Frank the Rabbit to Jake Gyllenhaal's moody hero Donnie during a Halloween screening of Evil Dead boils down the movie's cult appeal into a single utterance. Genre films are always attempting to peel back layers of reality, pushing at the boundaries of consciousness and the limits of the body, and Frank, menacing and ridiculous in his voice-modulating bunny suit, was a fitting spokesman for the "whoa"-seeking philosophy Kelly was peddling.

Snowpiercer This one requires a spoiler alert. When Chris Evans, face dirtied, utters this line in Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercera thriller about a class uprising on a train containing the last of civilization circling the globe, it's a total shock. Evans' hero, Curtis, has fought his way through most of the train before he makes the confession that, in the early days of this apocalypse, the poorest citizens were deprived of food and resorted to eating one another.

Curtis is a tortured soul because he knows what people taste like, and, by extension, he knows that "babies taste best. The Incredibles It's unlikely that Brad Bird and his cohorts knew that this was the one scene from The Incredibles that would go down in history as one of the best, funniest movie scenes of all time.

It's mostly thanks to Samuel L. Jackson, who plays icy superhero Frozone, and Pixar employee Kimberly Adair Clark as his wife, who, in the movies, always appears as a voice.

The two bicker about Frozone's missing suit, his wife telling him that, no, he shouldn't go off and save the city from a giant rampaging robot because they have a date planned. The scene has inspired many covers and cursed remixesbut perhaps the best thing it gave us was an instant knee-jerk response any time someone in the room says "HONEYYYYY? Zoolander It's difficult to overstate the influence Zoolander has had on comedy in the 21st century. The absurd concept, the over-the-top characters, the jam-packed script of lines designed to be repeated for months and years after audiences leave the theater.

Plenty of quotes have taken up residence in standard pop-culture references: "Really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking," "So hot right now," "I think I'm getting the black lung, Pop," "Moisture is the essence of wetness," etc.

But the most iconic of all comes when Mugatu Will Ferrell reveals a scale model of the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too. Zoolander Ben Stiller is outraged, and his timing in this scene-destroying the model, standing expectantly, then asking his rhetorical line-makes the quote stand out.

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More than Blue Steel or Magnum, the "center for ants" quote defines Derek Zoolander and countless others trying to be just as funny upon encountering a small-scale model of a large object. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Whispered by Kate Winslet's Clementine in the midst of a collapsing house and a disappearing memory, "Meet me in Montauk" is a last-ditch rescue attempt, a verbal Hail Mary tossed into the void before the clock runs out.

Of all the clever dialogue in Charlie Kaufman's Oscar-winning script, which he penned during a wildly productive burst of creativity in the early '00s, it's this earnest request that hits home the hardest, evoking a dream of a shared life and a chance at romantic redemption.

Even after all the pain and heartbreak, you still want to see Clementine and Joel find each other and get another shot at reconstructing their relationship.

Benidorm Stripper Quote. You can simply fill out the contact form below in detail and we will contact you with a quote for your Benidorm stripper. See our male stripper and female stripper pages for more info. We understand that organizing a stag or hen party is a lot @ethicalstripper   Plenty of quotes have taken up residence in standard pop-culture references: "Really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking," "So hot right now," "I think I'm getting the black lung, Pop

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind understands that basic yearning for hope and connection. Unsurprisingly, the line has inspired fans to travel to Montauk itself for trips and special screenings -perhaps discovering their own fractured love stories along the way. Step Brothers Like the previous Adam McKay and Will Ferrell collaborations Anchorman and Talladega NightsStep Brothers is a movie filled with incredibly funny lines, but this time the two writers were freed up by the movie's R-rating to chase some of their most bizarre, vulgar ideas.

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That's part of why the famous but squeaky-clean trailer line "Did we just become best friends? How did "the biggest helicopter leasing event in the Western hemisphere since " come to mean so much to the movie's fans? Reilly and Will Ferrell save the day with their ridiculous musical performance at the event.

In the years following the movie's release, the line has become a celebratory shorthand and a way of life: The New Orleans Saints said it in the locker room after they won the Super Bowl inand it's also now a real event you can attend in California. As you'd imagine, McKay has expressed some ambivalence about the phenomenon, saying in a recent interview"When you see the people who you're kind of making fun of embrace it, it's both hilarious, and at the same time, dispiriting.

Almost Famous Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical screenplay about a year-old writer embedded with rising stars in the heyday of '70s rock is basically a sacred text for various groups: Journalists, musicians, and the proverbial "uncool. Frances McDormand's performance as William Miller's exrated mother is borderline underrated given that it's perhaps the least glamorous of the entire film. But all you need to do is watch her stop a lecture to declare, "Rock stars have kidnapped my son," to see what power she has.

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It's not Crowe's most poetic line, but it's one of his funniest. Whiplash J. Simmons' ruthless jazz conductor Terence Fletcher seethes variations of "not my tempo" throughout Whiplashbut the scene where he grills Miles Teller's first-year drummer Andrew Neiman if he's rushing or dragging behind the kit while rehearsing the title track, "Whiplash," is the movie's most iconic instance.

Anyone who's played in school bands can relate on some level to Fletcher's sociopathic motivational techniques designed to frighten his conservatory kids into nailing their repertoire-a drummer friend who put himself through music school and now teaches lessons relayed a story about a professor who would notoriously curse out freshman who showed up to rehearsal ugleicyferreira.comepared. Watching Simmons embody one of those types of band leaders is both exhilarating and horrifying.

Am I laughing because this scene is funny, or am I laughing because I'm scared?

Quality Control, Migos - Stripper Bowl

Either way, it's effective. Cast Away For a long time, any beach- summer- or water-related activity was likely punctuated with your loudest friend shouting, "Wilson! Largely because he is a volleyball with a bloody handprint for a face, the scene and Hanks' dramatic pleas became instantly memorable and, for better or worse, the subject of many spoofsdespite the film's critical acclaim. In context, though, it gets at the raw emotion of the human need for companionship, one of the essential drives that makes us human.

Hanks moves from desperation and sorrow to sheer guilt "I'm sorry, Wilson! It may be just a funny line in retrospect, but nobody else can emote over a volleyball like Hanks. Wilson's death goes down in one of cinema's most tragic, and we mourn him just the same. Get Out "Yo, this is iconic," director and Oscar-winning screenwriter Jordan Peele told Daniel Kaluuya before shooting the scene in Get Out where Catherine Keener's eerie hypnotist Missy sends Kaluuya's Chris to the sunken place.

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Peele was absolutely right: It's more than the line Missy says to Chris as his consciousness sinks further away from his paralyzed body. Much like the movie itself, it's a metaphor about race dynamics in America and representation in horror films that's been picked apart and memed many times over.

Chris's total loss of agency at the hands of a malicious white woman is a clear analog to the systems of oppression that have existed in this country since forever. It's far from the first dissection of this insidious societal mechanism on film-but it's definitely the scariest, most jarring depiction we can think of. The Dark Knight Heath Ledger's Joker is undoubtedly the most chilling superhero villain ever put on the silver screen, and most of his menace comes from his lack of backstory, motivation, or anything that usually humanizes a villain just enough to impart a smidgen of empathy on the audience.

The Joker, by contrast, is a total blank, delighting in making up stories about his horrific facial scars. The most memorable, whispered to a group of gangsters in a pool hall, involves his drunkard father carving up his face with a kitchen knife, laughing while repeating to him, "Why so serious?

Why so serious, when bringing out the worst in humanity can be so hilarious? In the Loop Before Armando Iannucci was scripting some of the most wonderfully cruel dialogue on television for his Veephe made In the Loopa film spinoff of his British series The Thick of Itstarring Peter Capaldi as the gloriously profane director of communications Malcolm Tucker.

Like VeepIn the Loop is concerned with cogs in the political wheels of both Britain and America. At one point, the hapless Secretary of State for International Development Simon Foster Tom Hollander gets himself an invite to the Future Planning committee in Washington and encourages his underling Toby Wright Chris Addison to leave the room and gather information.

To which Toby responds: "No, it won't, it will be 'difficult difficult lemon difficult. Knocked Up In a far earlier era of blogging-! It was picked apart by writers on sites like The AtlanticSlateand - Probably not, if his current politics are any indication of his past. Back in pre-woke pop culture, it was just a satirical scene where an adult friend group of immature straight white dudes try, without appropriate language or informed politics, to talk about what to do when your bro knocks up a lady, thus begetting a hilariously backwards and stupid conversation.

Black Panther "Wakanda Forever" is Black Panther 's catchphrase, but "Is this your king? Among the myriad reasons that Black Panther stood apart in the crowded superhero field was the characterization of its villain, Michael B. Jordan's Erik Killmonger.

Consider, that black stripper quotes pity

Killmonger is no one-dimensional bad guy. He's a man filled with justifiable resentment, who calls Wakanda out for its isolationist stance that allows black citizens of other countries like the US to suffer.

So when he defeats T'Challa Chadwick Boseman in combat and shouts, "Is this your king?

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The Notebook You'd be hard-pressed to find a cheesier, more pandering love story than The Notebookbased on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, but just try to watch Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling fall in love without the icy protective shell around your heart melting just a little bit.

It's the movie that created the "Hey Girl" Gosling image years before there was a "Hey Girl" meme. It gave fans a real-life Gosling-McAdams relationship.

Like Love Actuallyit gave couples lines to say to each other when their own feelings let them down. As McAdams and Gosling play and tease each other in the water, talking about reincarnation and feeling the exhilarating intoxication of new love, you just crave that killer romantic line that will make everything right in the world.

Allie McAdams demands Noah Gosling call him a bird; Noah obliges. Everyone swoons, and Gosling enters movie quote history. Michael Clayton Charting the machinations of a high-powered law firm fixer involved in a giant agrochemical cover-up, Michael Clayton is about as intense as thrillers come-but no scene is as intense as Clayton's conversation with one of his firm's attorneys Tom Wilkinson who is in the midst of a mental breakdown, having realized that he's helped to engineer said cover-up, which has exposed people to known carcinogens.

Wilkinson's Arthur Eden, who's known to have manic episodes, rejects Clayton's pleas to start taking his medication again, and instead paces the floor and confessing his guilt. The scene peaks with appropriate self-aggrandizement when Arthur compares himself to the Hindu god of destruction, given how many innocent people he's allowed to die. National Treasure Benjamin Franklin Gates has the greatest respect for our historical institutions, which is why it's so difficult for him to imagine ever committing a crime in one of them.

After a long, inspiring speech about having the responsibility to take action when you know you need to do something right, Nicolas Cage pronounces one of the most famous lines in film history. It's a great scene, charting a character's decision to do something he knows is wrong for the pursuit of what is right and it's also a hilariously melodramatic line in a very fun, exciting movie based on a bizarre idea.

Since the movie opened, this line has been memed over and over again, so relentlessly that it reappeared again in National Treasure 2 : "I'm going to kidnap the President of the United States. Sometimes, you gotta steal the Declaration of Independence. In the latter, he's constantly defying expectations: His Gandalf is alternately goofy, sly, and terrifying.

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But when he faces off against the Balrog in The Fellowship of the Ringhe's just absurdly cool. Listening to him, the room shakes. Sideways " The Sideways Effect " is real: After the movie came out, in which Paul Giamatti's wine snobby writer Miles Raymond famously loves pinot noirs and infamously hates merlots because his ex-wife drank them, the sales for each wine skyrocketed and plummeted, respectively.

For better or worse, merlot is back on the uptick.

There's a clear line from the hearty red's decline to a specific scene between Miles and his gross friend Jack before they head into an important dinner. Jack asks Miles to behave himself, and drink the merlot if their guests order it, to which Giamatti cannot contain himself in good conscience: "If anyone orders merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT DRINKING any FUCKING merlot!

Reportedly sales of undershirts plummeted. I never would have predicted this film would hit the zeitgeist. Taken We published an homage to the speech containing this quote, so perhaps you should peruse that for full context-including how it's usually misquoted-and appreciation.

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Suffice to say that this phone speech effectively launched Liam Neeson's second career as an older action star and, somehow, several iterations of Takenand made "a very particular set of skills" one of the most oft-quoted phrases of the century.

Captain Phillips It's the soft menace and iron-hard gaze of Barkhad Abdi then in his first-ever film role that gives one of his opening lines its simple terror. After hijacking the merchant mariner Maersk Alabama, he holds its captain, played by Tom Hanks, at gunpoint, explaining the situation in the simplest possible terms.

He's the captain now. That's it. The scene has, naturally, been memed so much that now all you really have to do is post the screenshot of Abdi's face with no text, and everyone in that Twitter thread explaining why letting your cats roam outside is a bad idea will know that you can take it from here, thanks. In a display of novice genius, Abdi ad-libbed this line in the momentusing the pirate instincts of his character to seize control of the scene. Before Sunset It's rare to find a beautiful piece of dialogue in that has not been co-opted into some sort of meme, but the line that nearly closes out the middle part of Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and Julie Delpy's trilogy about two overly articulate people falling for one another defies that tendency.

It is, quite simply, a perfect and devastatingly sexy way to end a movie, evoking classic moments like Shirley MacLaine's "shut up and deal" from The Apartment. Hawke's Jesse and Delpy's Celine have spent a magical day in Paris arguing and flirting with one another when they arrive back at her apartment and she puts on Nina Simone.

He's supposed to go back to America to be with his wife and kid, but instead settles in and watches her dance. She looks at him, doing a quasi-impression of Simone: "Baby, you are going to miss that plane," she coos.

They laugh as the scene fades to black, their fate, for now, unknown. While all of the Before movies are scripted in a joint effort by Hawke, Delpy, and Linklater, Delpy takes credit for this specific moment.

And Ethan, too. And they did. Borat The thing about the "My wife!

Black stripper quotes

He does, technically, utter the words "my wife" several times in his fake Kazakhstani accent, but if you'd only heard the repetitions of it before seeing the movie, you'd think he shouted it at the beach in his unconventional lime green bathing garment. Such is the power of Borat's various references to his wife, which have transcended both the movie and Da Ali G Show to continue influencing pop culture in Even The New Yorker published an entire column about the evolution of the term in an online context, and how the wife as a concept has become inherently funny.

The piece begins by pointing to Borat as a possible origin. It doesn't get much more influential than that, and barring any irreconcilable differences, we're bound to "My wife! Gladiator After contemptuously taking out a gang of burly fighters with a few swings of his sword, gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius Russell Crowea Spanish general enslaved following the betrayal of the evil Commodus against his family and his emperor, lobs a blade into the stands.

Quoting Gladiator quickly became a pop-cultural signifier of annoyingness, but over the course of the next two decades, "Are you not entertained? Elf Buddy the Elf is a righteous man-child. During his travels to New York over the course of Elfthe Christmas comedy that turned Will Ferrell into a family-friendly movie star, he reserves his scorn, his judgment, and his condemnation for those who lack the proper reverence for holiday cheer.

When he sees a "fake" Santa at the mall, played with the right degree of roughness by comedian Artie Lange, Buddy can't help but call out the counterfeit Kris Kringle with lines like "you disgust me," "you stink," and "how can you live with yourself? When the phrase is invoked, you're not just calling someone a liar; you're saying they've constructed a self-serving power structure based around total deception.

In his role as Yuletide ombudsman, Buddy spoke truth to power. The VVitch Robert Eggers' debut feature plunged its audience into the paranoia of 17th century New England by using actual language from that period. The script is full of antiquated phrasing that in turn makes the story of a family torn apart by suspicion and actual witchery all the more terrifying.

But no phrase is more giddily unnerving than Black Phillip's offer to the teen Thomasin as the movie approaches its conclusion. The rest of her family has been ripped apart by the malevolent force pervading the woods, and she, bloodied, starts to commune with the Satanic goat. In a low voice he asks, "Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

Thomasin is ready to give herself over. Legally Blonde Something people forget: Before Legally Blonde was 's movie of the summer and everyone was bending and snapping, there was a manuscript floating around, written by Stanford Law dropout Amanda Brown, about a stereotypical blonde from LA entering the cutthroat world of Stanford Law School to get her boyfriend back. Screenwriting partners Karen McCullah and Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith, the duo responsible for the 10 Things I Hate About You script and the sequel Legally Blonde 3took the novel, subbing in the chilly east coast Harvard Law for Stanford to up the fish-out-of-water juxtaposition, and blew up its premise into an early aughts cultural touchpoint.

The opening song was everywhere, and for certain demographics-i. teen girls-you couldn't have a conversation without dropping a quote from the movie, which is indeed extremely quotable. Reese Witherspoon's Elle Woods has many of the best lines, but none surpasses her defense of alleged husband murderer Brooke Taylor Windham, delivered in the first meeting of her law internship. Between Witherspoon's perfect delivery, her "aw, shucks" facial contortions, and the context of her speaking up about a case that seems cut-and-dried to everyone else, the "happy people don't kill their husbands" line perfectly sums up Elle Woods: unafraid and unapologetically herself in any situation, combined with an intuitive understanding of the law.

The Room No piece of outsider art has had a bigger impact on film than Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece, which began as the fever dream of an obscure, fame-obsessed, inexplicably wealthy European of uncertain provenance and became the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the 21st century.

No one will tell you the script is great, but in its complete lack of regard for narrative structure, common sense, and how humans interact, it achieves a brilliance that continues to draw audiences to theaters, footballs in tow.

remarkable, very

Just take a look at the few lines of dialogue surrounding Wiseau-as-Johnny's most famous line, which is cribbed from James Dean's Rebel Without a Cause :. JOHNNY: Why Lisa, why Lisa? Please talk to me, please! You're part of my life, you are everything, I could not go on without you, Lisa. One thing's for sure: Neither Lisa nor Johnny understands life, but in their ignorance they have stumbled on an eternal truth.

Miami Vice The hardened career criminals and weary law enforcement officers of director Michael Mann's epic crime sagas often speak in clipped, coded language that reveals character through small details. Think of James Caan declaring "I was state-raised and this is a dead place" to a snooty administrator at an adoption agency in 's Thief. Think of Robert De Niro sneering, "You must've worked some dipshit crews" to Al Pacino across the dinner table in 's Heat.

Mann's work in the last 19 years is filled with similar bits of verbal firepower-"Yo homie, is that my briefcase? What's so special about this relatively obscure line? In its mix of tough-guy swagger and unapologetic cheese, it perfectly crystalizes the appeal of this ultra-tense, visually striking remake of the '80s television series.

Maybe you laugh.

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Maybe you shake your head. Maybe you nod in recognition.

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No matter what, you know Sonny Crockett is a fiend for mojitos. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Will Ferrell was already a star bybut his film roles to that point had mostly been secondary characters, a la Old School 's Frank the Tank. Between Elf and AnchormanFerrell shot to superstardom, and Ron Burgundy became the legend the full title of the movie promised thanks to a string of one-liners and quotes that have been well worn in the 15 years since its release.

Scotchy scotch scotch. While many of these quotes made their way into everyday speech, the most universally applicable-and the one that turned into a meme around -comes right after the giant fight between all the rival news teams, a fight that ratchets up from knives and threats to tridents and death very, well, quickly.

Ma'am, I'm sure there are a lot of ways I've gone that you haven't. John Winger: My philosophy: a hundred-dollar shine on a three-dollar pair of boots. John Winger: Oh, it's not the speed really so much, I just wish I hadn't drunk all that cough syrup this morning. John Winger: I d. bride fucking stripper in the bathroom k 6min - p On her all four with ass in the air little Asian lesbian slave Milcah Halili gets ass whipped then blonde   He knows you're special, like a black stripper with blue eyes. Tracy: He knows you're special, like a black stripper with blue eyes. Toggle navigation. 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

It's the kind of quote that can apply to any situation that spirals out of control: A night out drinking, a work meeting, a family reunion, a Twitter exchange. In a world that changes constantly and continues to increase the speed of our lives, "Boy, that escalated quickly" has only become more relevant, if kinda annoying, over the years.

Training Day Is there anything better than watching Denzel Washington go off? After a career playing good guys, Denzel broke bad and found that playing a crooked cop suited him as well as playing a civil rights leader, a lawyer, or an officer in the military.

It suited him so well, in fact, that his most famous line, which comes in a crazed speech as the paper-thin empire Washington's Alonzo has built crumbles around him, was an improvisation made up on the spot. In an interview fromWashington sai "Almost that whole last scene where I'm screaming at everybody, I made it up He said, 'Man, some of this stuff you make up is the best stuff.

Like when I came up with that 'King Kong' line, I don't know where that came from. I was just riffing. See our male stripper and female stripper pages for more info.

Are black stripper quotes think

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